Saturday, October 25, 2014

A flat tire.

My front tire on my bike was completely flat yesterday morning. I pulled a goats head thorn out of it. Has to be the culprit. I hauled out my 12v extension and started to pump it up, and the extension blew a fuse. Tried plugging it in to the 12v on the solar gen, and it didn’t work, although I may have forgotten to hit the on switch. Will have to try it again. Ended up using the cab plug again.
I got the tire inflated and went for a two mile ride. Made it there and back (the end of the road) before the tire went flat again. Will have to pump it up again this morning, and hope that I can do the two miles before it goes flat. If I did it yesterday, I should be able to do it again today unless I picked up some more goats heads. It still winded me, and was a lot of work. Different muscles, more effort. I have buss fuses on my shopping list for the 12v extension. Will get a little bit bigger one this time. 

Visited with Al and Sylvia briefly while out on my ride. And stopped pretty much in the same spot on the way back. I had thought I would take a walk later, but it got hot and I spent the afternoon reading. Visited with Barbara for a little while in the morning. Other than that, it was a very quiet day. Denise should be pulling in some time today. I am looking forward to meeting her. Have been following her blog for a while now.

Today I start gearing up to roll tomorrow. Will hang the bike and get it secured when I get back, and start lashing and securing.

I finally bit the bullet and ordered my tire covers this morning. I also ordered a new TV antenna to replace the one on the roof. I can get channels, but am having a hard time keeping them. They break up and freeze and it is really annoying. I’m hoping I will be able to sell the passive one I got while I was in Hallsville.

I wore my new camo cargo shorts again yesterday, the smaller size, and somewhere in the middle of the day, I got it in my head to check the sizes again. These shorts were much tighter than the kaki ones I wore the day before. Well, there is a good reason for that, they are a whole size smaller. That means the two pair in the next size down are actually two sizes down from what I had planned on buying. Duh. Not sure how I managed that, thought I had the right size fixed in my head, but I screwed up. But if I continue to loose weight, it might be a good screw up. This also means that the last two pair I bought are five sizes smaller than I was wearing in IP. So at the moment, I have one pair that fits perfectly, one pair that is tight, and one pair that is loose. Then the two I can’t fit into yet. I can live with that.

Kali Cat is eating very well the last few days. She had a half can of food in the morning, and was bugging me to be fed mid day, so I gave her a very small hand full of dry food. Then another half can with her meds at dinner. I’m happy to see her eating so well. Another day with the door open (and night this time too) with no accidents. I am grateful we seem to be past that stage, although I will close the door when we roll. Keep any accidents contained in a smaller area. I will also put the pee pad down again just in case.

We only have about three more days of travel. Two to Yuma, and then one from Yuma to Quartzsite. Once we hit Q, it will be weekly trips to dump tanks and refill water. Nothing that should upset her too much. Then we won’t be moving around much until March(ish).

Was reading about receiving mail in Q this morning. I may just rent a PO box for the season. That would be the easiest thing to do. 

Checked my blood pressure last night, it’s good. I think I am going to set up a reminder on my calendar to check my blood sugar once a week instead of random checks. Now that I don’t have to do it every day, I forget. 

Guess it is time I get myself moving. I don’t like getting this late of a start, but that seems to be what my pattern is. As long as I get out and get my exercise before it gets too hot, I’m good. 

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