Thursday, October 9, 2014

Walking trails

Yesterday was a nice day. I went out exploring after I got my shower, looking for photos and getting the lay of the land. There are two walks here. One I put off until this morning, and the other I did. The walk I did was the Wetlands walk. I didn’t see much wildlife, but it was a nice walk even in the full sun. The Bluff Trail I am planning on doing this morning. I didn’t have any water with me which is why I decided to save the bluff walk. I think I will save my shower for after the walk.

I came back and dealt with my photos. Took a long time because I was having trouble with the software, but finally got it done. Got the pics uploaded. Then I decided it was time to do a little laundry. I did a hand wash in the rest room. Came back and rigged up a clothesline and hung them out to dry. They were dry, even tho they were dripping when I hung them, in a couple of hours.

Got in a little afternoon nap, then had to fire up the AC for KC until the sun went down. It is hot here, but not like it was in TX, and it cools off at night nicely. I spent the whole day outside, reading in the afternoon. It isn’t as cool this morning as it was yesterday morning tho.

I fired up some charcoal in the grill. Took a whole lot longer than I expected to cook dinner, but once it was done, it was very good. I had foil roasted peppers, onions and mushrooms and one of the little pieces of steak. Yum. Watched a little TV and crashed about 9:30. I had a hard time getting the charcoal to burn, then the grill wasn’t close enough to the coals so I took a piece of aluminum foil and put the steak on that directly on the coals. There is a learning curve obviously. Not having any experience with charcoal, I will keep trying until I find something that works.

I remembered to close the outside door last night so we weren’t disturbed by the raccoons. I woke up once, used the bathroom and went back to sleep until almost 6. It is two hours earlier here, so maybe I am finally in my time zone.

About the shower…it was a challenge. You have to keep hitting the little button to run the water, just like the sinks in store rest rooms. It also takes a dozen or so times before the water actually warms up. Thankfully, the cold water here isn’t really cold. But I did get my shower and I did get my hair washed. It felt good. :)

I still have the back of Ody closed off because as long as that door is closed, Kali Cat uses her litter box. She is peeing a lot more and has been pooping daily which is a good sign. She is also acting a lot more like herself. Although her poop is pretty loose. Must be the new food. She is eating more and drinking more too. Poor baby. I have also stopped giving her people food treats. I wonder if that had something to do with her UTI. She never had people food before. Right now, I am cleaning the box twice a day. Hoping that will keep her using it.

Oh, I also moved Ody closer to the picnic table enclosure. That way she throws some shade where there would be full sun in the afternoon. I can deal with the heat as long as I am in the shade.

The pulled out this morning along with a big class A, and a truck camper is pulling out now. Several rigs in and several rigs out each day. I wonder how the tenters made out with the raccoons…

I did not get the rugs out and washed. I want to make sure it is OK if I hose them down before I do it. Being somewhat desert, they may have some funny rules about stuff like that.

There are skeets here. Lots of them. But they aren’t as big as Texas skeets. I am gad I bought the can of bug spray finally. It has been on my list for a while and I picked some up when I was at HEB last week.

Thinking I am going to do a small shrimp boil tonight with the shrimp I bought in Rockport. I bought a 5lb bag of fresh shrimp and divided them up into four smaller packages. And I still have some of Sandra’s beans in the freezer that I can add some quinoa and spices to and have a similar dinner to what I had last week in Rockport. Yum. :)

I seem to be loosing weight. I don’t think I am eating as much. It has been way too hot to cook and eat. I had to wear a belt yesterday with shorts that I have never worn a belt with before, and I am using a hole in the belt that I hadn’t used before. This is a good thing. I have not weighed myself, and am not going to for now. I might have to go shopping and buy some smaller shorts. Although having my clothes loose feels pretty good - I hate belts. :) I’m wondering if I will be fitting into my smallest jeans this winter. I bought them as a goal, but have never worn them. That would be nice.

Debating hauling out my new walking shoes this morning. I have never worn them, but this is what I bought them for. I have been walking in my Teva’s. They are the most comfortable shoes I have, but being the desert….although the trails are well maintained, I probably won’t have any issues. But I also have to break the new shoes in sometime.

Well, time to get myself moving if I want to get my trail walk in before it gets hot. Hoping for some good photos today. :)

Photos from today's hike. I did wear my new hiking shoes and have the blisters to prove it. Am so glad I postponed the walk until I had a water bottle with me. I needed it.

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