Friday, October 17, 2014

Quiet day

Not much new here. I did walk yesterday, about three miles. I wasn’t sure when I started out if I was going to be able to make it to the boat ramp and back, but I did. I even ran into another couple walking and we walked back together and chatted. Seem like nice people, full timers. Might see them in Quartzsite at some point. My hip joints hurt from all the walking. My back too. I might skip today and walk again tomorrow. There is one more spot I haven’t walked to that I would like to do, but again, it is about a three mile walk. Maybe I will just do the park loop this morning, keep it short and sweet, and do the point tomorrow.

After I got done walking, I set up the screen house. Put Kali Cat in it, and she wasn’t happy. She wanted to come back in. She kept looking at the door. So I brought her back in. I will bring her out again today, maybe for a few minutes longer. She might eventually get used to it. She is gaining some weight, and there have been sizable pee clumps in the litter box, so I think things are finally improving.

I was up very early yesterday, so I took a little time and relaxed in my zero gravity chair in the screen house in the afternoon. Spent some time online, just generally puttered. I also butchered my watermelon, but not before it jumped out of my arms and split open. I was trying to get a zipper bag out of the drawer when the watermelon lept to it’s death. It isn’t even the best that I have had, it is over ripe and mushy, and it’s impact didn’t help any.

Had the last of the rotisserie chicken and potato salad for lunch yesterday, discarded the carcass and the watermelon remains at the same time. And last night I had a BLT on a flour tortilla for dinner with watermelon for dessert. I still have that catfish in the freezer and will probably cook that up for dinner with some turnip greens. Outside of course if it isn’t too windy.

Roxanne, the admin of the solo women’s group pulled in yesterday. I went over and introduced myself. It’s funny how an online image is so very different from the actual person. He picture doesn’t do her justice. Was very nice to finally meet her. Looking forward to spending some more time chatting.

I have some actual web work to do today for one of the snowmobile clubs. It won’t generate a lot of money, but it will generate some. Plus, I need to update my quickbooks and my budget spreadsheet, so I will be hauling out the big work computer today. I also need to see if I can get my keepass working on this machine again. It stopped working after the last OS update.  I will be doing all of this at the picnic table in the screen house. 

It was a beautiful day yesterday. Got quite warm. I did end up turning on the AC for KC later in the day for an hour or so. The sun coming in the front heated it up quite a bit inside even tho I have the curtains hanging up blocking the sun. I did disconnect the water and hooked up the nozzle on the hose. I had to hose down the patio after I butchered the watermelon. No sense in inviting bugs. And with the screen house, I managed to stay outside until dark last night, mosquito free. 

I’m spending a fortune on internet. And I am not even streaming TV. There has to be a better solution. A lot of RV’ers use Mellenicom, which is the best deal so far, but they were just bought by Verizon, and their website is disabled. Can’t join. :(  I guess I will just have to wait and see what Verizon does. I really miss my unlimited DSL. :( There is a definite demand for affordable internet out here, and I am hoping someone will provide it, and soon. I keep looking, but nothing new so far. 

I have been waking up at 2:30 in the morning. I finally realized that there is the two hour time difference between here and the lifetime of eastern time. So, in VT time, it would be 4:30. Although, I have been having sleep issues for years. Now shouldn’t be any different.

I am going to be checking out the showers at some point today. No more in rig showers as I don’t have a sewer hook up here. I don’t want to have to dump my tanks before I leave here. I still need to figure out where I will be going next too. 

Well, time to get myself moving. I want to walk while it is still cool. Get some work done and get a shower. That is my big plan for the day. Plus, map out the route to Yuma, that might be my next stop. Do some driveway camping, order some stuff, get my mail, etc. 

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