Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hermit crabs

Was another hot and not so sunny day yesterday. I spent the morning paying bills, invoicing for websites and charging things up. The afternoon I spent reading. I finally figured out if I propped the outside door half open, that it would force the breeze inside - until the breeze died. Was a very hot and uncomfortable night. I ended up putting batteries in the other two little battery operated fans and got them going, and also ran the 12v fan until the solar gen died. It takes a lot longer to charge the solar gen when it is completely dead. I really need to bring it and the solar panel out and use that.

I am going to have to go dump tanks and refill my fresh water tank very soon…like maybe tomorrow. And I also need to hit a grocery store. Had the last of my shrimp last night. But I am not completely out of food yet. 

I’m loving it here on the beach. Wishing for a little cooler weather tho. Plus, I’m starting to get bored. Go figure. I haven’t figured out where I want to go next, so I will probably just come back here and setup in a new spot when I get back. Will probably also setup the screen house this time to keep the skeets away and a place to sit at night. I’m going to have to decide very soon. Supposed to be cooler this weekend, the nights in the 60’s. I hate to leave when that is in the forecast. 

My sunburn hasn’t cooled off yet on my left side. It was sleeves for me all day yesterday. 

There are some little white fish that keep jumping out of the water. I haven’t managed to get a pic yet. This morning I am playing with three whelk shells that have hermit crabs in them. Charlie, the golf cart guy, found them this morning and gave them to me. I can’t remember ever seeing a hermit crab before, and I want the shells. Most of the shells on the beach here are oysters. Nothing special, so these are quite a find.

Elaine and Jack. A golf cart couple. Just had a nice little chat with them, met them the other day, but couldn’t remember their names. I should now. :)

Well, I guess I need to get the crabs into the water. Going to use a metal basket, see if I can get the shells without hurting them. I have one that is going around and around and around. If the little video ever uploads, I will post the link. 

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