Monday, October 6, 2014

My last day in Texas

Not much to write about this morning as yesterday was a travel day. We made it to Kerrville with a minimum of incidents (and a lot of extra time), other than Kali Cat puking up all her canned food and water on the bathroom floor and a poop on the rug in the bunk area. :( I am now changing her meds to night time, after we get done traveling for the day, so I can make sure she gets them. I’m hoping she had her food down long enough for the antibiotics to do their thing. Still a little bit of blood in the urine since she is still using the shower off and on. But not like it was last week. She is getting awfully skinny, not eating her dry food, so I am going to see if I can find some dry food that is specifically for UTI prevention.  She also isn’t getting any canned food until after we are done driving for the day. It was a real mess to clean up, and I can still smell it even tho I have done it twice already.

Once I get somewhere I can let her out, I am going to have to empty out anything that is on the floor, pull up the rugs and thoroughly clean Ody. Get that nasty blue carpet up, seal the plywood, and that will help keep it clean.

Lots of bumps and turns yesterday, lots of stuff to put back when I stop. I keep securing things as they move, but there is always something new, every trip.

Had dinner at the Cracker Barrel last night. Hamburger steak with onion gravy, steak fries and turnip greens for less than ten bucks and it was very good. I didn’t buy anything else, although I was sorely tempted. I just love their stuff.

Going to get an early start this morning in hopes to get an early stop later. The next stop is Walmart in Fort Stockton, TX. And tomorrow, I will finally leave TX and should hit Roswell NM. I plan to stay a few days there, probably at Bottomless Lake State Park. If I buy an annual pass, I can camp (with hookups) for about $10 a night. The pass is good for a year. I will decide that tomorrow.

Had a bit of a GPS issue yesterday. I had both my phone map going and my nuvi and they didn’t agree. Ended up making a couple of u turns, and my phone took me about ten miles away from the ACE Hardware I was looking for so I could get propane. So I still need to get propane. It wasn’t the most auspicious start to the day, and it just kind of stayed that way. Driving thru San Antonio is something I will avoid like the plague in the future. It was scary, even on a Sunday afternoon. If I have to do it again, it will be in the wee hours, and I don’t drive when it is dark, so it probably won’t happen again.

I did get some kitty cuddling last night. It was in the 70’s for sleeping. Hoping it will be cooler tonight, and Roswell has been running quite a bit cooler.

Well, I guess it is time I get myself moving if I want to roll by 7. 

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