Wednesday, October 22, 2014

3.2 miles

Got a decent start yesterday and did walk to the Family Dollar Store. It was 1.6 miles one way, so I did over three miles yesterday. I’m glad I brought my two cloth bags with me, as I needed them. I finally found some cheap flip flops to wear in the shower so I don’t have to wear my Teva’s and get them all wet any more. They were a buck a pair, so I got three pair. They should last if I only wear them to shower. I also got two pair of Bugle Boy shorts, clearance, $5.50 each. One pair was three sizes smaller than the last pair I bought and the other was four sizes smaller and they both fit! So I just went and tried on the LLB jeans that I have had three or four years and haven’t been able to wear, and they fit! Wooohooo! I really am loosing weight! :) I hope it continues. I really hate the way I look, even now when I have already lost a significant amount.

I also got a three pack of white v neck t shirts. Again, a smaller size than I normally buy. I may end up having to get a new wardrobe if this weight loss continues. I am walking more, eating less, and moving around a lot more than I would if I were in IP. It is a whole lot easier to get dressed in the morning if you know it is going to be sunny and nice out.

I took my computer, phone and iPad up to the visitor center where the wifi is, and did all the updates yesterday. My iPad doesn’t even see the wifi, and the laptop won’t stay connected. On the way back I took photos in the cactus garden. I haven’t processed them yet tho. On my way back, Al and Sylvia were just pulling in. I met them at Elephant Butte, they were the couple that I walked with the day I did the boat ramp. I want to exchange info with them before I leave.

Not sure where I will walk today. I have done the majority of the trails here. I did miss one or two of the shorter trails, so I may go find them. It won’t be three miles like yesterday, but it will be a walk and some amazing scenery.

Heard from Howard yesterday. They are ready and waiting for me to arrive in Yuma. They are even trying to get 30 amp installed before I get there so I will have a full hookup instead of a half. I didn’t expect that. And it isn’t necessary, but more of a luxury in this life style. But with 30 amp, I will be able to use the AC if I need to. They also have a car I can use while I am there. I’m thinking it is their toad, the one they use with their motor home. Will be very strange driving a little car after navigating Ody for two months. Haven’t decided if I am leaving Thursday or Friday, but I still get that twinge in my stomach when I think about driving. But I am fine once I hit the road. It isn’t nearly as bad as it was two months ago tho. 

The door to the back was open all day again yesterday and no Kali Cat accidents. :) I am so glad we seem to be past that. I wish I dared let her out, but I don’t. Thankfully she is a lot less active due to her age and doesn’t seem to mind all that much. She is more concerned about when I am going to feed her now that she doesn’t have dry food any more. 

Well, it is light out. Time to think about getting moving. Not much on the agenda for the day. A shower would be nice. And maybe a visit with Al and Sylvia.

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