Friday, October 24, 2014

Biking is harder than walking! Who knew?

Quite a busy day yesterday and a darned good workout. Took a while to get the bike down, I had so many straps on it, it wasn’t going anywhere! Of course, the tires needed air, and the little hand pump is a piece of crap, so I had to dig out my 12v pump, and then find a place to plug it in. Tires got aired up and off I went. I rode up to the Family Dollar Store so I could get a couple more pair of shorts. It was pretty ambitious for a first ride, three miles round trip, and it just about killed me. I will ride again today, but only about two miles. I have to build up to it. I still think the bike is too small, I should have gone with the 26 inch instead of the 24 inch. But it will have to do. For now.

Anyway, I bought three pair of shorts, one, the same size as the smaller pair I bought the other day, and two pair one size smaller. Can’t wear them yet, but maybe in a month if this weight loss continues. I am already smaller than I have been in years!  I hope it continues now that I have become aware of it. I also got another package of the t-shirts. I should be good for a while now. I will put away all the shorts that are too big for me now. Somewhere, somehow. Although I should just get rid of them.

When I got back, I rested for a little while, it was a real work out and is much more difficult than walking. Then I went and got my shower. That felt really, really good. I deployed the awning and got that set up for shade and for clothes drying. Hauled a couple five gallon buckets of water, one wash and one rinse, and did my laundry. Doing laundry by hand is a work out too. I hadn’t kept up with it because I thought I was leaving sooner and would have a washer and dryer to use, but I needed some of the clothes and I hate having laundry pile up.

I managed yesterday’s ride without hurting my back. My shoulder twinged a little, but I think doing the laundry worked that out. It seems to be fine this morning. If I do end up buying a different bike, I will look for a lighter weight one. I have a really hard time lifting this one, it is very heavy. Steel frame instead of aluminum. I haven’t figured out all the gears yet either. I have no idea why I would need 16 of them. Maybe I will see if they still make three speeds.

I really don’t have much this morning. I’m fine, KC is fine. :) Gonna have to start thinking about rolling in the next day or so. I see on Denise’s blog that she hit Roswell yesterday, so she should pull in today. Maybe I will pull out tomorrow after having met her, and hit Yuma on Sunday. I’m ready for some company and some entertainment. (And hookups.)

I just ordered three more of the parasheets from LLB so I will be able to completely enclose the awning. I can also use them on the screen house, or whatever else I need to create shade with. I was using sarongs, but they are made of rayon, and won’t hold up to the sun and weather. The parasheet I currently have also works on the umbrella quite well. Which is what I have been using here. They are basically tarps made from parachute material. Should last a while and they pack up nice and small and are multipurpose. Not cheap tho.

I did not ride up to the little restaurant for dinner last night. I had an omelet (or what was supposed to be an omelet, it fell apart) instead. I didn’t want to push my luck and over do it. And I wasn’t motivated enough. I had already had my exercise for the day.

Jenn just posted some new DG photos. It is coming right along. Will be really strange if I ever go back there to not see my little building. I owned that place for 10 years and lived in it for a couple of years. I have been saving all the photos that people have been posting and will put together a collage or something when it is finished. I won’t miss all the water, and the heating bills and issues that an ancient building has. My current home is much nicer than the building, but considerably smaller. 

Tomorrow, the 25th, I will have been on the road two months. Wow. It has gone fast. Has been a real experience. :) Will be settling in for the winter shortly. Then it will be a whole new learning experience.

Well, if I am going to get my ride in before it warms up, I should probably get moving.


  1. I wouldn't waste precious space storing clothes that are too big for me, but I would keep two sets and push them waaaaay back in the closet. Just in case. Because I'm a "Just in Case" person. Hopefully you'll never need them. I have to hand it to you, you are really good at getting out there and burning calories. :)

  2. I never have been in the past, this is something new for me. I hope I keep it up. :) Yeah, I am thinking about getting rid of the ones that are too big, but will wait a couple of weeks and see how things go.