Saturday, October 11, 2014

A much cooler day

Yesterday was cleaning day. I pulled up the rugs that KC had soiled and took them out and washed them, let them sit soapy for a while and then rinsed them thoroughly. They only took a few hours to dry and were back on the floor by dark. I also bit the bullet and pulled up the carpet in the cargo area. It was actually much easier than I had anticipated, and was out in less than five minutes. Didn’t even need to use a blade. Although it did take a little longer to pull all the staples that were left in the floor. Once I got that done, I swept and hand washed all the floors. Looks a lot better, and I am sure it smells better too.

Before I did any of that, I had to reorganize a little. Get some stuff off the floors, and put some stuff away. I even got the quilt I took off the bed in Magnolia, under the mattress with the rest of them. That freed up KC’s crate again, as that is where I had stuffed it for the time being.

I decided to leave the door to the back open to see what Kali Cat would do. She peed in the shower. At least it wasn’t on my freshly washed rug. And she still has blood in her urine. :( She also has about another week of antibiotics. She is acting like her old self tho. Eating, sleeping, drinking a lot more water than she was. Snuggles with me at night and is starting to put a little weight back on. I am hoping the antibiotics will take care of the problem and that I won’t have to find another vet. I will make that decision on Tuesday when we leave here. She doesn’t seem to be at all uncomfortable. And she is pooping regularly and it is firming up.

By late morning, the airstreams started rolling in. I spent most of the afternoon just watching them all come in and setup. It is a Texas group and this is their last stop in a 15 day caravan. I know this because I found their newsletter online. The airstreams are all ages, shapes and sizes. One big Mountaineer class A motor home, a small class B motorhome (very pricey) and two and three axle travel trailers. Some small, and some really big. I have a three axle trailer right next to me with two guys in it. Seems to be mostly older couples, some with dogs. Someone has a little yappy dog too. 

The family with the kids had packed up and moved out by mid morning. I was very happy to see that. The kids were very noisy and hyper, and the parents admonishing the kids was almost as disturbing as the kids themselves.

The wind stayed with us all day and it only hit 74 degrees. With the wind, it was almost too cold to stay outside. I did spend a good part of the afternoon inside out of the wind as it was annoying. I kept the door and window open to benefit the breeze, and it was much nicer inside. It was cloudy and overcast most of the day, with a few bits of sunshine. If it hadn’t been so windy, would have been nice. And about 5 minutes of rain after it got dark.

Yesterday was kind of an eating day for me. I have those on occasion. I snacked on tortilla chips and salsa in the afternoon while I people watched. So I had a light dinner of leftover shrimp, V8, and applesauce for dessert.

This morning it is 53 degrees, overcast. Supposed to be partly sunny and about 70 degrees. I want to walk to the top of the hill (the way I originally came in) and get a picture or two of the campground with all the airstreams in it. Most of them are here for another night. The big class A is leaving this morning, they just pulled out.

Other than that, I don’t have much on the agenda for the day. A shower after my walk, maybe spend some time with my maps and figure out where I will be going next.

I'm sleeping fairly well, especially now the nights are cooler. Although, since I put the quilt under the mattress, I need to removed one of the board things we put under it back in Hallsville. Just a little too high in the middle now.

Here are the photos from this morning's walk. Got in a couple of miles, plus one long hill. Also, they were taken with my phone as the battery on my Canon crapped out just as I got to the top of the hill.

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