Friday, October 10, 2014

Cold! (And kids...)

It is quite nippy out here this morning. It is about 58 degrees with quite a breeze. The breeze is what is cold. The wind picked up yesterday afternoon and prevented me from cooking my dinner outside. I never would have been able to keep the burner going. I had cajun boiled shrimp and some of Sandra’s beans that I had in the freezer. 

I did the Bluff Trail yesterday. From Ody, the round trip was about three miles. I’m glad I saved it for when I had a water bottle with me, but I did wear my new hiking shoes and it was painful. I have the blisters to prove it. Plus, they changed the way I walk, so I have previously unused muscles that hurt too. There really wasn’t much to see. Thankfully no snakes. I did see several lizards, but they are pretty camera shy and I only got a couple of ok pics. I will do the trail again before I leave, but this time in my comfy sandals (and a big stick). 

Not sure I am going to be able to stay out here…it is cold! For the first time since I left VT, I am cold. Wow. Just grabbed a blanket and turned the chair around…better. Fingers are still cold tho.

Today is cleaning day. The rugs are coming out and being washed. They will stay out until they are dry. Probably won’t be all that long. I am going to vacuum and wash the floors, clean the bathroom and try to organize some of the clutter. That is the problem with living in such a small space and half of it being storage. I’m looking forward to the day I find a place I can unload all the unnecessary stuff and be able to use Ody as she was designed. I did stop and make sure that washing my rugs was OK. I didn’t want to get booted. 

The sun is now rising over the bluff, it should start getting warmer. And now the clouds are rolling in..

I hear kids. Two sites up. Hopefully they were only here for the night. First kids I have had to deal with since this oddessey started. Several tenters came in last night, a couple after dark. Plus a few rigs. The site with the kids has a tent that is mounted on a trailer. It is kind of kool. One of the kids is now screaming and crying and it is only a little after 7 in the morning. Cross your fingers they aren’t here all weekend. Maybe someone will move in between us and block some of the noise.

There is an Airstream rally here this weekend. They will start pulling in today. I’m kind of looking forward to my first rally, even tho I won’t be a part of it. There is already one airstream here, that isn’t part of the group. But the place is supposed to be full for a couple of nights. 

I think I am going to try to leave the back open and see what Kali Cat does. It is a real pain in the ass having that closed. If I get rid of the smell (which I can’t smell), she might be less tempted to go potty back there. And I really am considering trying to pull up that carpet in the cargo area. Will be a whole lot easier to keep clean without that there. Will have to find my razor knife in the back. She is acting much more like herself now.

I used the handicapped shower stall yesterday when I got my shower. It has two shower heads and a curtain. Was much better. I only used it because the campground was pretty much deserted and no one else was around to use it. I also washed my hiking clothes while I was there and got that done. Again, dripping wet on the line, dry in an hour or two. 

Just checked the weather. Only supposed to be in the lower 70’s today and cloudy. Gonna be a cold one. Chance of a thunderstorm. Might have to haul out some long pants. :)


  1. Finally caught up again! Hope all is going as well as can be expected! Blessings!!!

  2. Glad you are still with me! Everything's good. :) Take care.