Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was another full day. I got such a late start that I didn’t get a walk, so I vacuumed instead. It was noon time by the time I got that done and went in the house. I did the laundry, the new jacket on delicate, along with the stuff I forgot the day before, namely my jammies. Then I started to swap out the light fixture over the sink, but wasn’t sure which wire went to which, there were no instructions and the wire colors didn't match up, and went and got Howard. We got the fixture installed, and then I pulled the bulb from the stove light so I could get an LED replacement for that. We also tried to disassemble the old fixture to see if I could modify the fixture and put the new LED bulbs in, but you can’t get the thing apart without breaking it. :(  Which means, my bulbs are useless, $350 wasted, and I will have to just replace the fixtures. I can probably sell the new LED bulbs and the old fixtures at Q, so that is what the plan is. I can’t afford to replace all the light fixtures, so I am going to do one in each room. I just ordered two, one for the bunk area, and one for the dining/kitchen area. The bathroom light is different and can be modified, so I will use two of my bulbs in there, keep a couple as spares and sell the rest.

We did not get the TV antenna done. That is today’s goal. We decided since this week has been so busy, to put off Mexico until next week - Tuesday or Thursday. Might even have my new glasses by then. We did go grocery shopping. I was out of everything. Spent a small fortune. I got some swai, a white fish that is sold out here instead of haddock. I had some of that when I was in Hallsville. Sandra cooked it with veggies and stuff. I also got a package of pre cooked chicken strips, a chuck roast that I just cut up into mini steaks, and some burger. Plus lots of fruits and veggies. I have a baby watermelon and another melon of some sort that I need to cut up and bag. I just finished the meats, taking a little break. :)

I asked about a McDonalds within walking distance so I could get some free wifi. I hate to use my pay per gig for updates. There is one about a half mile or so away. I’m going to walk in that direction this morning to check it out. Today is bill paying day and I will need to power up the big computer. But when I do that, it does all it’s updates and uses lots of bandwidth, so I will have to make sure my wifi is off when I power it up. I don’t really need that one to go online to do what I need to do.

I popped a circuit breaker here last night. I had forgotten to turn off the water heater and the AC was on. Thankfully, it was a breaker and not a fuse. It made fixing it a whole lot easier.

Kali Cat is fine. Howard says she looks good. They have had a few quality moments together. She didn’t get to go out yesterday, but I plan on letting her out for a few today.

I can’t wait for my scooter to get here. I will need to buy a helmet and a lock for it. But I can get those locally. I feel I got a good deal on the scooter, I just hope it is everything I need it to be and not a total waste of money. A good starter bike.

I bought a self healing inner tube for the bicycle tire the other day, and should go and get a second one for the rear tire. If one goats head wrecked one tire, it will probably do the other as well. And I need a better hand pump. Howard has one he got at Harbor Freight for about ten bucks. Looking forward to going to Harbor Freight. 

I really need to start selling some jewelry and stuff to compensate for some of the money I have spent since being on the road. It makes me very nervous having all this money go out, and none coming in. Plus, I need to get back into jewelry making mode, Christmas is coming and I haven’t made anything in months. I need to promote my online shopping cart…  and get some new stuff listed.  I just added the link to the top of the page. 

I also just added some of the blogs that I follow in case anyone might be interested in reading some other blogs. 

I'm off for a walk. Have fun!

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