Thursday, October 30, 2014

Scooter search and order

Another busy day yesterday. I got in a 2.47 mile walk around a few blocks in the morning, then in the afternoon, we went looking for scooters, cat food and my eye appointment.

Barbara almost brought home another dog from Pet Smart, but there was another lady there before her, and she took him. He was really cute, soft and full of energy. I looked at the cats they had, but that is it. I wouldn’t bring in another cat with KC after seeing how she reacted to Gypsy. And as much as I like dogs, I don’t want one.

Anyway, we went to about five different places looking at scooters, only one had anything even close to what I need, and they were more expensive than I wanted to pay, and I guess even if they are under 50cc,  you still have to register them. I don’t want to deal with all that crap. So, this morning, I bit the bullet and made a decision, and ordered an electric one online. It has pedals, which eliminates the need to register and insure it. It is considered an electric bike. This is what I chose…

Gio Trooper 500w electric scooter. 

I still need to get a helmet, and I guess I will have to hang around until it arrives. About an extra week. But there are worse places to have to sit and wait. At least I have power and water. Maybe we will even get the TV situation taken care of by then. I hate buying big stuff sight unseen, and I hope I am happy with it. If not, I will sell it and look for something else. This one cost me $1300. Less than the gas powered ones, less than the one I considered on Amazon, but more than the bottom of the line scooters. No license and registration or insurance needed, and since it is electric, for now, it will have to ride inside with the rest of us. It will be a pain in the ass loading and unloading, but once I hit Q, I won’t have to do that for a while and will probably have a hitch rack of some sort figured out by then. I’m planning on lightening the load, so hopefully the tool box will be gone by spring.

My eyes are fine. The doctor did the dilation drops since I have the diabetes thing going on. And I am glad my appointment was late in the day, because that finished my day for me. As of the time I went to sleep, they were still dilated. I haven’t looked this morning, but have been outside already and I wasn’t squinting, so I guess I am good. :) I have new glasses coming, another $200, plus $68 for the exam, and they should be here next week. I will wear them a few days and see how they are, and if I am happy with them, will order a spare pair online, or maybe some sunglasses for driving. And yes, I now have bifocals. I ordered the transition lenses with the photo sensitive tint. An all in one kind of deal. Will definitely take some getting used to. 

Today I am going to try to get a walk in. I am getting a very late start due to the scooter search and ordering, and then I want to swap out the light over the kitchen sink. Howard is supposed to help with the antenna later. Might do some grocery shopping too. I am out of all of my perishables and freezer food. Although I do have ice. :) That takes up half the freezer. 

I have been having dinner with Howard and Barbara, but need to feed myself at lunch time. It has to be something quick and easy. It is very nice not having to cook for a change.

I even got a load of laundry done, but need to do another. The jacket I bought is hand wash, but I am going to toss it in the machine on delicate, and throw yesterday’s clothes in too along with my night clothes which I forgot to do yesterday. 

Supposedly, the place we are going in Mexico is completely safe. Lots of people go there for dental, medical, prescriptions, etc., because it is so much less expensive. I am hoping to do a little xmas shopping while I am there. But we’ll see. At least I will get lots of pictures. It will probably be my only trip across the border, and I can say that I have done that. I found out last night that the lunch we had at the casino was in California, so I can say I have been there too. But at some point, I will go to one of the BLM parks as my pass for Q is good in CA too. Maybe before I head north in the spring.

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