Saturday, October 4, 2014

Boiled shrimp

What a great night for sleeping! 71 degrees when I got up this morning, low humidity. Windows open, barely needed a blanket, yet cool enough not to be the least bit sticky. Sigh…all nights should be like that.

Kali Cat is feeling better. No more peeing everywhere, no more blood. I’m hoping I got it all cleaned up. At some point I want to haul the rugs out, clean them, and thoroughly wash the floors and also pull up the carpet in the bunk area. That carpet is nasty anyway. I really should have pulled it up before I left IP.

Yesterday I headed out on foot to explore a little. Was a great day for walking. Was warm in the sun, but the sea breeze made it bearable. I took lots and lots of pictures, stopped in one gifty type shop (the only one I saw) and made mental notes of all the restaurants I saw. I don’t know how far I walked, but was gone about two hours. On my way back I stopped at the office and found out where the laundry was and did a load of laundry. While that was washing and drying, I imported all my pics and dealt with those. Had some problems uploading, and had a problem with the dragonfly video, so it took much longer than I had expected. That pretty much shot the afternoon.

Here are the pics from yesterday...

The rest of them are here...

I did have to close up and fire up the AC yesterday. Was kind of hoping I wouldn’t have to, but Ody is sitting in full sun all day and gets very warm. If I had some shade, I probably wouldn’t have had to. I am going to put the awning out today, doesn’t seem to be as windy. I want to spend some time with my maps and it would be nice to be able to do that outside. I don’t like being stuck indoors. I am also going to pay for one more night. I just don’t feel like driving today, and Kali Cat could use another recovery day. The longer we sit, the faster she will get better.

Last night I put my catfish in the freezer with the steak and the burger and walked up the road to buy dinner. I haven’t had a meal out since the last one at the Cracker Barrel in TN. Actually, I take that back, we got chinese take out when I was in Elgin, and I had lunch at a mexican restaurant when I was in Hallsville. But that was still a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, I ended up going to a place called The Boiling Pot. 
Cajun food. Got a half pound of boiled shrimp and some red beans and rice - take out. It was great. :) 

My sunburn is finally fading. It was quite the burn considering I was sitting in the shade the whole day. Must have been the reflection off Ody and the water. Lesson learned. Oh, and the shop I went into had bathing suits, towels, etc., but didn’t have any XL suits for women. They did have some kool clothes tho. I bought a black racer back tank top made out of bathing suit material and will use that as a top for swimming and sunning. I came back and dug out the boy shorts bathing suit bottom that I had packed and I now have a bathing ensemble. It will work until I find something better. I have been looking every place I go into, but this is the closest I have gotten so far. Will be much better for swimming than my shorts and tshirt. Will dry a whole lot faster.

I haven’t weighed myself since before I left IP, but I am pretty sure I am loosing weight. It has been way too hot to eat. Although it has also been too hot to exercise. I have walked when it hasn’t been too hot, but that wasn’t very often. My sciatic issue is still with me, but for the most part doesn’t bother me that much. I don’t have the pain I had when I started. I haven't checked my blood sugar for a while, but I feel fine. I'm staying away from processed foods and sugars, but will check it this morning before breakfast.

I had a nice long shower yesterday morning. Rewashed my hair and conditioned it. I hadn’t conditioned it for a week or more. When you have a limited water supply there are certain things that are frivolous. Hair conditioner being one of them. I did not get my hair wet when I went for my swim, so it wasn’t too bad. I get to have another this morning. 

Kali Cat has had her medicated breakfast. Pretty much finished every bite. I only gave her a quarter of a can with lots of water and no rotisserie chicken this time. I am so happy that putting it in her food is working. And am so very happy she is feeling better. It was quite the scare.

Well, time to get showered and dressed, pay for my spot for another night, and a walk in the other direction before it gets too warm. Then back to mapping and planning. 

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