Sunday, October 5, 2014

Funky mood

I’m in kind of a strange mood this morning. Part of that I’m sure is driving nerves as we are pulling out today. My driving nerves aren’t as bad as they were when I started six or seven weeks ago, I am getting better. Kali Cat is still peeing in the shower, and there is still some color in her urine, plus a little clump of blood this morning. Maybe that was the last of it. She is getting her meds in her food every morning. But she isn’t peeing all over like she was the other day and is acting normally other than that. She is also eating well. Just not any dry food. Will have to change that again.

The next thing that has me unsettled is the fact that I left my Jeep in IP at the local garage to sell for me. I have been gone six weeks, and I find out that one of the owners is driving it. And has been. Of all the cars on the lot, they have to drive the one they don’t own? Plus, it is now being smoked in, something I never did, and the car is going to end up like a giant trash can, and I haven’t seen a penny. I guess I am going to have to call them and talk to them. One of the other owners stripped my building of all its doors and windows after I left too. I never saw a penny from that either, and I don't remember giving them permission. They were good to me and let me use their empty heated building to sell all my stuff, but I need to see some money from that car before it is totally trashed and worth nothing. I need that money to buy another car or a scooter. It sucks not having any wheels. Once Ody is parked, I am on foot.

I have decided to skip Port Aransas, I have spent enough time at the shore, and am heading inland towards Roswell. It will take a couple of days for us to get there. How KC will handle it will be determined this morning. I have notice that she hasn’t gone under the drivers seat since she got sick. I guess I need to take a look under there and see if there is anything that needs to be cleaned up. I can’t smell anything, but her litter box is right beside it.

I still need to get propane. The gas tank is full, the water tank will be full before I pull out and the black and gray tanks will be empty. Propane is the only hold out. I have been using my little butane cooktop to conserve on propane, and I use the generator to run the hot water heater. As long as I have over a quarter tank of gas, the generator will run.

It got warm and stuffy in here again in the wee hours. I have been awake since 3 AM. I tried to go back to sleep around 4 ish and didn’t sleep well. Too warm, too many things running thru my head. 

Yesterday was a gorgeous day weather wise. Lower 80’s little humidity. I decided to walk in the other direction even tho there wasn’t much to see. I found the Fulton Manor gift/info building, got some pics, picked up an xmas gift and a little wind generator kit for myself. I continued walking for a little way and then decided to head back. I glanced out at the water and saw a dolphin! I even managed to get a pic of it’s fin as it was going back under water. I had my little camera which is extremely slow, so that was as good as it gets. If I had had my big camera, I might have gotten a pic of it coming out of the water. Then I also got a bunch of pictures of a crane that just stood there and let me.  I went back out on the pier hoping for more dolphin sightings, but all I saw were jelly fish. I have to say, being that far out on the pier made me nervous enough, add to that thousands of jelly fish…I didn’t stay out there long. I identified the jelly fish as moon jelly fish. They weren’t on the little identification card I bought the other day either. 

Got back a little before noon, put out the awning, had some lunch, processed my pics and spent some time with the maps and google maps. That is when I decided to head inland. The weather there is much cooler and the nights are in the 40’s and 50’s, days in the 70’s. I’m ready for some cooler weather. And I am pretty sure Kali Cat is too. 

I’m glad I got to do some stuff while I was here. I chose this campground because it said it had stuff within walking distance. Plus, it was right on the water. I am hoping to come back either in the spring or if I am still on wheels, next fall. They have a humming bird festival in the fall when all the hummers migrate. They go right thru here. I would love to see that. 

I’m a worrier. I worry about Kali Cat, and did before she got sick, and even more so now that she is. I worry about something happening on the road, I worry about running out of propane, I worry about just about everything. I try not to, but it is in my nature. It does take some of the fun out of everything. And I am not even sure I am having fun. So far, I have driven a lot and spent a fair amount of money on gas and campgrounds. But I am managing, moving forward, and still looking for whatever I am looking for.  I will be glad when we settle in one spot for a while and when KC is feeling better and things are a little more normal. I’m still hoping I find someplace somewhere and I can unload about 75% of the stuff that is in Ody, open things up a little. Would be nice to have a home base.

It does get lonely out here too. Although, thankfully, most of the time I’m good. I’m getting over any shyness that I have had. Most people are quite friendly. I’m hoping to meet up with some of my online friends, fellow travelers, at some point and can have someone to hang out with once in a while. 

Today’s target is Cracker Barrel in Kerrville. Just past San Antonio.  It is about four hours from here, so at least 5 for me. Plus stops and refueling. Probably won’t see Roswell until Tuesday sometime. Texas is a huge state! I will be happy to leave it. I have been in TX three weeks, and it is time to get out.

Time to get myself moving. 

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