Saturday, April 4, 2015

The tracker is SOLD!

Vicki stopped by just as I was getting out of the shower yesterday and was going in to town to do errands. Her errand list sounded almost exactly the same as mine, so I went with her. We also went to Bob’s Fish Fry for all you can eat fish last night. Kinda nice to have someone to do stuff with. 

My work bench and chair arrived mid day, so I started assembling the work bench. I got a call about the tracker and the guy wanted to come look at it. It is finally sold! Now to get Ody sold. They are coming back to get it tomorrow and I have the paperwork ready and waiting in case they decide to come get it today. And I did finish assembling the work bench. Had an issue with the drawers, but got it fixed and working. This morning I am going to assemble the other chair and then finally get rid of all the cardboard, trash and recycling.

I had to move Ody yesterday and bring the tracker back to my driveway because apparently I took someone’s spot. I had no idea. Oh well. How to win friends and influence people. But it is actually kind of good that I had to go down there and do that because if I hadn’t, I would have missed the lizard fight. Two good sized critters behind one of the trailers just going at each other. I posted a short video on FB, only part of the fight. I actually broke it up and sent them on their way. They were so involved that they didn’t care that I was about a foot away from them. It was so very kool!

I picked up some store brand cat food. Gave her some for her mid day snack and she inhaled it. I have no less than three cans of food open in the fridge because she eats a little bit then decides she doesn’t like it. least it isn’t the expensive stuff. This morning she ate a whole half can of food. No pattern or rhyme nor reason to it. I don’t think she peed anywhere she wasn’t supposed to.

Today is the chair, laundry, garbage and recycling, then maybe work in the shed a little. It is an absolute disaster. I had to move a bunch of stuff when I pulled the shelving out yesterday and I still need to organize my tools. I don’t know how warm it is supposed to get today, but this morning was in the 50’s. I’ll take it.

I don’t have much else to write about. Tomorrow they come to get the tracker, pot luck at the club house at 1 (I made marinated brussel sprouts), possibly meet another group at the Cafe at 4, we’ll see how much energy I have left by then. I am going to try a short walk this morning. My knee is still bothering me, but I can’t sit around and not get any exercise. 

Monday I want to go back to Salvation Army. I have decided that I need a shredder and I saw a couple there last week. 


  1. Hooray for selling the Tracker. On another note, I'm so glad you've gone back to the food your kitty likes--vet ordered or not. She's old, she should be able to eat what she wants. (That's what I say about myself at times! LOL) And it sounds like she's much happier. Do you only feed wet food or do you let her have some dry for free choice?

    I loved the lizard fight. Made me think of the dinosaurs in the movies before computer graphics.

  2. Kali Cat inhaled a can and a half of store brand food yesterday. A lot more than I have been able to get her to eat lately. I guess she likes it. She does have dry food, the expensive prescription stuff and she is about as thrilled with that as she is the canned script food. Even if it isn't as good for her, at least it makes her happy.