Thursday, April 2, 2015

Almonds and tulips

Went to Blythe with Vicki and Doreen to the Smart and Final. Got my almonds, a watermelon, some turnip greens, 10 lbs of carrots for the bunnies and a few other things. Splurged and bought this pot of tulips. They had some really pretty ones there, but these are the ones that grabbed my attention. They are really pretty. You can see my needle felted easter eggs on the table behind them. I looked for a small easter basket to put the eggs in, but didn’t see anything that grabbed me. I guess I will have to make something for next year.

We also stopped at Kmart and I got three jersey tank tops and shorts. The tops I can wear with anything, and the shorts will serve as summer jammies.

I lost my shady parking spot. I guess the guy they offered it to first decided he wanted it. :( That kind of irritates me. Now my car will be sitting out in the hot sun all summer. Not good for the car or the tires.

No deliveries yesterday. I didn’t do much else once we got back besides cut up the watermelon. I also cut up the rind for the bunnies. Today they will be getting brussel sprout scraps as I have to cook the brussels and get them in to marinate for Sunday’s Easter pot luck. 

I have a whole long list of things to do, but I don’t think I will be putting up fencing or the new shade sail, it is supposed to get windy. Not going to fight with the wind. I can work in the shed. Something I really need to do anyway. I need to get it organized so I can actually do some work. I also need to get my tools organized in the new tool chest. I have to find my rolls of anti slip stuff for the bottoms of the drawers too. I have a couple of rolls, just not sure where. I just looked in the cupboard under the counter and they aren’t there, so they have to be in the shed somewhere. If they are, I will find them.

Kali Cat was doing pretty well up until we went to the vet. We have lost ground and she is having trouble recovering. She has gone under the desk at least twice and peed between yesterday and this morning. It is so discouraging. I just don’t know what to do any more. She is still so alert, has all her faculties, eyes are clear…but she is peeing blood. Literally. I throw away at least half the food I give her daily. She wants it but won’t eat it. I am seriously considering going back to the store bought food. She likes it and always ate that.  Something is better than nothing, right? She just doesn’t like the prescription food. She got me up at 2 this morning. :( I have been up since then. Taking care of her and cleaning up after her is a full time job these days. But I can’t just take her to the vet and have her put to sleep. I’m still hoping she goes on her own. If she were completely out of it, that would be a different story. As much as it is going to hurt, it is also going to be a relief when she goes. No more pain and distress, 24/7 care…and no more cat litter everywhere. 

Well, since I have been up since 2 AM, I think I am going to try to get another hour of sleep. 


  1. Tried to comment a few minutes ago, but seems to have disappeared. But, I just wanted to ask you to please consider the fact that your sweet girl is peeing blood, and might be in pain although not showing it. (cats can be like that) I know how horrible it is to make that decision, but please consider setting her free from this illness. Having had to do it myself three times in the last year I do know it just plain sucks. But that is our responsibility as pet owners. And she will go on her own, but possibly have to be in pain the whole time. Wish I lived near you, as I would gladly go with you if that would help. I'm so sorry that you are both hurting.

  2. Believe me Teri, all of that has gone thru my head on a regular basis. I just have a hard time with taking a life. Especially since the trip over to the vet is so traumatic for her to begin with, just making a bad situation worse. If I could find someone to come to me, I would seriously consider having her put to sleep right here at home where she is happy, safe and comfortable.