Sunday, April 19, 2015

Not much new

Was a pretty quiet day here yesterday. I did a little planting, a cactus or two and then started a couple of pots to replace KC’s kennel on the sliding door steps. The steps looked pretty freakin empty. I used the two red pots I had bought for the tomato plants, I can get more later as I need them. In those two pots I put the ice plant and two of the agave/bromeliad things Vicki gave me, so it is a good start. I do need at least one more thing to round out the pots, thinking a blooming annual of some sort. The rest of the day I read. Three books. Took pictures of the birds and bunnies. I wasn’t aware of it, but all the birds I have been calling mourning doves are actually four different kinds of doves. I saw a post online yesterday that made me look closer at mine. I had noticed some were smaller than the others, and I had picked out the collared doves, just didn’t realize there was white winged doves and another, smaller one as well.

The new bird feeder has to go, the base is big enough that the doves can land on it. I will have to go back and get the blue one just like the first one I got. I am not crazy over blue, but the birds could care less. Good thing they aren’t expensive. The base is small enough that the smaller birds don't have a problem, but the bigger birds do.

I gave away a few of the cactus and babies that Vicki gave me, so this morning I only have a few cactus paddles that I need to find a spot for. I also planted the agave shoot that I got the other day and this big section of cactus that I had. 

My eyes are starting to feel a little better. A little moisturizer goes a long way. Still not quite back to normal tho. I have pretty much stopped crying except when I talk about Kali Cat. I do still look for her in the house tho, just not as often. 

My neighbor Bea brought over a silk arrangement yesterday. It is quite pretty in a white pitcher. It is a sympathy arrangement. That was very nice of her. She’s the one that invited me to go to Mexico. 

Gonna try again today to get out for a scooter ride. It was in the upper 90’s yesterday, so I didn’t go, but am feeling the need to get out of here for a little while.

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