Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

I’m not doing anything special except going to the pot luck at 1. Other than that, my plan is to take the day off….if you consider selling a car and trimming a tree as a day off. The guy is coming to get the tracker this morning, and Glen is coming to take that one annoying branch off the eucalyptus tree that drags on the roof of the car.

If I feel motivated, I might start the berm for the grapefruit tree. I just ordered a new sprinkler timer because mine whines constantly after it shuts down and it leaks. I have tried cleaning it, lubing it, and it only works for that one time. Since water is so precious out here, I can’t have the thing leaking, and I don’t want the tree to get too much water. Although I am going to increase the time the sprinkler runs since it is warming up. I downloaded the AZ Extension info sheet on citrus trees. Mine isn’t getting enough water. I have to enlarge the berm (bowl) under the tree and I should get some mulch for it too. While I was at it, I ordered a brand new galvanized oil drain pan to use as a bird bath. I will dig that in and run a small line from the irrigation so that it fills automatically. :)

I did get the chair assembled yesterday. Got laundry done, vacuumed (although I have to do it again today due to cat litter scatter), and finally got rid of all that cardboard and garbage. I’m waiting until Tuesday to do the rest of the fencing and the shade sail. It is supposed to be in the 70’s - perfect for working outside. Only one more project to assemble and that is the nesting tables that will go between the two chairs. Then the patio should be done except for the shade curtain on the back end. That won’t take long to do when it gets here. I have the wire to hang it on, just need the ubolts to secure the wire and I can get those at Herb’s Hardware. Will be nice to have all the big projects done.

It hit the mid 90’s yesterday and today is supposed to be the same. A little cooler tomorrow, and a lot cooler on Tuesday, Wednesday, and possibly Thursday before it starts creeping up again. I also want to spend some time in the shed and get that useable again.

I haven’t walked since Wednesday. My knee started acting up on Thursday, and although it is much better this morning, I am going to give it one more day. 

Kali Cat inhaled the store brand food. She ate a can and a half before the day was out. I tossed very little of it. I did open one of the expensive cans this morning because she was asking for more food. I’m very happy to see her eat. She did pee on the pad under the desk, but it was barely red. So her urine has cleared up a lot since Tuesday too. I think it was so bad on Tuesday because she ran out of meds. Won’t let that happen again.

Well, I want to get showered and dressed early today because I don’t know what time Glen is coming to trim the tree. Probably the same time they come to get the tracker…

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