Monday, April 27, 2015

Every day is busy

My back hurts this morning, in the same place where I had that pulled muscle when I left VT. I guess I’m not walking enough. Walking has been hit or miss for the last couple of weeks. I either have something going on, or I miss the walkable temp window. This morning it is coffee at the club house. But at least I will walk up there and back. I would have walked to the restaurant on Saturday, but it was supposed to rain and was gusting winds. 

It has been a while since I have used my scanner. I wanted to scan the two booklets that Pam left with me, so I needed to set up this computer to scan. I had to use a cord, it wouldn’t do it wirelessly. But I got that running and scanned both booklets. That took a while, they were about 50 pages each. I also got a little more done on my basket. It is very slow going. I am about half way around the first side so it should start looking like a basket soon. I’m going to ask Pam about putting my dragonflies in resin. See what she would charge me if she is willing to do it for me. One is from Belfast and the other is from Magnolia Beach.

I took one of the three stick in the ground brass candle holders and turned it into a holder for my sun dial. The other two hold solar lights by the gate. I think I have had the sun dial since Cumberland. One of the few things that has made it thru the years. I also put the rain gauge on it, but may move that since the sun dial is above it and will block some of the rain. Thinking I will drill a hole in the dead wood and stick it in there, out in the open where it will be more effective.

Yesterday I laid the brick out in the pattern that I want up on the edge of the patio. I hope Ralph carries that thru for me. He isn’t a pro and I don’t expect perfection, so we will see how he does. He is coming back this morning to prep for the sand, and then it will be time to start mortaring them in. I will be happy when that phase of the patio project is done. I’m also hoping it isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg. I am happy that I decided to take out the wall. I wasn’t one hundred percent sure I wanted to. Wasn’t sure what it would do to the landscape. But it has opened things up a lot and I will end up with a larger patio. And the section outside the shade cloth will be useable instead of unusable space.

I took one of my wrought iron plant hooks and put it in the vise and put a quarter turn on one of the hooks so it will lie flat on the shed roof, now I just need to figure out how to attach it, and I will have a hanger for the older solar chandelier. I’m thinking two u-bolts... It will hang over the bench without obstructing the opening and closing of the door.  Maybe I will just tie it to the shed tie downs so I won't have to put extra holes in the roof. I also looked at the solar panel and am trying to figure out how to attach that to the roof. I would like that to be removable because if I get another rig, I am going to want to use it when I travel. But I also need it to be secure enough to withstand the wind that we have here. I don't need it to turn into a kite. Will be nice to have that up and out of the way tho. Right now it is sitting on a stand in the middle of the yard and the black cables run into the shed. I will have to re-run the cable too so that it comes in from the top instead of the bottom. A project for this week. Like I need another… :)

At some point I want to redo the solar fountain. Get a larger basin for it so it will hold more water and dig that into the ground and then add a waterfall of some sort. I have the glass globes from the chandelier I took down in the kitchen and would like to work a couple of those in somehow. Still trying to figure that out. Copper pipe maybe.

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