Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fence is done

It is going to be cool here today, in the 70’s. I’m liking it.

Got the rest of the reed fence done yesterday. Even did the gate. It was warm, but breezy, so it wasn’t bad working. It took me pretty much all day because I wasn’t feeling motivated. I was really tired and when I went out to work on it, I didn’t feel great, so sat down in the chair and waited for the laundry to finish washing and I think I took a little nap. That helped. After reading a few chapters, I was feeling a little motivation and got started. About half way thru the first roll, Vicki came up and we went and bought me a new pair of fancy flip flops and then went to the market to buy watermelon. I also stopped at the post office and picked up five packages. My wrought iron nesting tables arrived, both faucets, the new bird bath, the sun block thing for the car and the fertilizer for the tree. After I dealt with all of that, I finished up the fence.

Got another call from the guy that bought the tracker. MVD wouldn’t register it because the paperwork wasn’t notarized. He is coming back this morning and we need to find a notary. After that, I want to stop and the the soil I need to finish up the grapefruit, get that down and the fertilizer down and call it good on the tree. Won’t have to do much to it after that. I also want to put another head on the other side of the tree and since I will be doing that, am going to run a small line to the new bird bath. I pulled the small line from the shed yesterday and will use that. Then the bird bath will be self filling every other day.

I have a dealership interested in consigning Ody or possibly purchasing outright. I will follow up on that later today. Would be nice to have that finished as well. 

At some point I need to go to Parker and get an Arizona driver’s license. 

It was another night in the chair because of the cat. It is getting harder and harder for her. But she is still eating, and is alert and loving. We are doing the best we can.

I have already done most of my house work for the morning. I still need to vacuum tho. Kali Cat has tracked cat litter all over the living room and I just vacuumed yesterday. 

I’m getting a very slow start this morning because I have been puttering around and getting stuff done, things put away or at least out of sight. I can’t do the kitchen faucet until my water filter gets here, want to do that all at once. Plus I am still waiting for the separate base plate that covers the extra holes. I can, however, do the bathroom faucet. I will be so glad to be rid of that short faucet with the single handle. 

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