Saturday, April 11, 2015

Kali Cat is about the same as yesterday

Finally got the kitchen faucet completed. I now have hot and cold running water and an in line water filter. I like it much better than the faucet that was there, which is a good thing considering all the trouble it was. Liking the bathroom faucet too. I got the line for the toilet replaced too. That went smoothly. No more leak. I was very sore all day, I knew I would be.

I got the new house numbers up and my storage bench came and I got that assembled as well. Unfortunately it is about a half inch too short to house the bird seed containers which is why I ordered it in the first place. I guess I will have to look for three new containers that will fit. Plenty of room width wise, but not in height. They can be shorter and a little wider and still fit.

Kali Cat had a very quiet day. Still trying to find someone to come to the house, but I think I have made the right decision. She sleeps constantly, very low energy when she is awake, and isn’t eating much any more. She barely gets any meds because she isn’t eating and I am not going to force them down her throat twice a day. It is bad enough as it is. Still hoping she will go on her own. I will decide next week if I am going to take her in or wait a little longer. It will all depend on her. The shower has become her litter box more often than not. At least it is easy to clean. I would rather she used the shower than the carpet. 

While I was at the hardware store I got the parts and pieces to correct the sprinkler issue. And I got a ratchet wrench and extension to keep in my tool chest so I don’t have to go get the car set every time I need a socket wrench. I had a huge set that was Jake’s but I sold it when I moved. I thought I had a wrench and extension, but it must have been part of the set. I should be good now. I cut the shelf liner for the drawers in the tool chest and organized some of my tools. I still have a ways to go in the shed. But it was a little bit of progress.

Hit one yard sale on the way back from the hardware store. Bought a small delicate wind chime that I hung in the living room. It is really nice and I may go back for a couple more today for xmas gifts. I drove thru another park for yard sales, but didn’t get out of the car. Didn’t look like it was worth it, plus I have enough stuff for now. About the only other thing I need now is a ceiling fan for the bedroom. Just a fan, no light since there is a second set of lights that I use. 

Trying to think of what else I did yesterday. Finally got my watermelon cut up. That sat there a couple of days. I need to clean out the fridge and get rid of yet more cardboard and garbage. I also need to deal with the tomato seedlings and attempt to plant some cactus seed that I gathered. I got seed pods from the Argentine Giant Cactus. Absolutely gorgeous blooms, huge, about six or eight inches, night bloomer. It looks as if the cactus on either side of me are going for round two on the blooms, there are buds forming.

Re-thinking the second shade sail. Not sure I want the bird feeders any closer to the house or patio. The mourning doves are a real pain in the ass and pigs. I have had a couple on the patio looking at the seed block I haven’t put out yet. The birds are getting a measured amount now, and when it is gone, they have to wait until the next day. I can’t afford to give them all they want. The doves are also eating the very expensive rabbit pellets. I may try to find some less expensive ones. OK, Walmart has a 25lb bag for less than $10, that will work. Even with shipping, it will be less than buying at Herb’s. Once I can travel again, I can buy in Yuma. All my seed. That will save a fortune. Although DG has black oil sunflower seed, but it runs about the same price as Herb’s. Anyway, I think I am going to leave the feeders where they are and move the first sail over and just overlap the second one. I should be able to see the feeders between the two of them. That will also eliminate using the fence to secure it, as I don’t know if the fence is sturdy enough to hold it when it gets windy. The wind here is something else and a regular occurrence. 

Not sure how much I will get done today. I’m tired. Sleeping in the chair, getting up at ungodly hours. This morning it was 2:30. Yesterday I made it until almost 4. I did get a nap and plan on getting one today. I did have to turn on the AC once last night. It had cooled off outside, but wasn’t cooling off inside. One cycle and it was much better. Haven’t looked at the forecast for today yet, but I don’t think it is supposed to be as warm. 

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