Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Off to Blythe CA

Just a quickie this morning as I have to be showered, dressed, and ready to go by 7:30. Riding to Blythe with Vicki and we are going to Smart and Final, a local grocery store. It is like a mini Costco but without the membership requirements. That is where I have been getting my bulk almonds (I have been out for a couple of weeks) and I’m hoping to find some turnip greens too. Plus watermelon for those sweets cravings I have at night the minute I sit in my chair. I bought some dates the other day and those work pretty well, but they aren’t anything like or nearly as good as the ones I bought in Yuma when I was there.

The trip to the vet was both good and bad. He says the mass seems to be smaller, but she didn’t have a pill yesterday morning and the pee was very bloody. I mean bad. I don’t get to see it when she uses the box and it is much worse than it was the last time I took her. He also says she is in very grave condition. We got more meds, back on twice a day which seems to keep her comfortable. She really hasn’t got a lot of time left. But I will take what I can get. I put her in the bathroom with pee pads and her litter box for a couple of hours when we got back. She settled in and slept and had a little snack and a pill. Seems to be better this morning. So far. She ate a good breakfast this morning.

My additional fencing came yesterday as did the shade sails and the tool chest. I got the tool chest assembled and the rest unboxed. Not sure what I will get done today, depends on the weather. We hit 100 again yesterday, but it is only supposed to be in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s today. I can function up to about 94, then it is just too hot to be moving around. I spent a little more time indoors yesterday. I welcome the cooler temps.

I did get a load of laundry done. The new tanks from Salvation Army are washed and ready to wear. I’m wearing the new cotton bathrobe now. And I got the outdoor tables ordered via iPhone. Couldn’t get the cart to work on my computer, but worked fine on my phone. That is the last of my ordering. Can’t buy anything else. That will set the patio up very nicely. My chairs have shipped and I should have those by the weekend. Of course, everything needs to be assembled, and if I remember correctly, those chairs are a pain in the ass to put together.

My plan is to get the shed and tool chest organized while we have the cooler temps. Actually, get the fence up too. I will be working in the sun when I do that, so I need to see what the coolest day is going to be and schedule that for that day. I will need to relocate the bird and bunny feeders when I put the shade sail up. The new ones are just like the old one and I got a good deal on them. I paid only five dollars more for the two than I paid for the original one a couple of years ago. It has held up well too.

I parked my car in Chad and SusAnn’s yard yesterday. It gets morning and late afternoon shade, which is a lot more than my driveway gets. It is also just outside the back gate, so is actually closer to the back door. Works for now. I was disappointed to see that it gets the mid day sun tho, but it is better than nothing. I may eventually get one of those portable garages. 

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