Saturday, April 18, 2015

A little progress

Yesterday wasn’t one of my more productive days, but I did get the bird patio done. Went back to DG and bought another bird feeder, this one smaller so the doves have a hard time landing on it. No more seed on the ground, I’m hoping if it is too difficult for them they will go away. Still haven’t put out the seed block. I want to see if I can get rid of the mourning doves first. I’m pleased with the bird patio. The birds and bunnies don’t seem to mind it and it will be much easier to clean up than the small rock that was there. I don’t know that the bunny feeder I ordered is really going to help anything, but it is worth a try. I might just give the doves an unlimited supply of pellets. The only other option is to stop feeding the critters for a week or two every so often and I really hate to do that.

Went over to Vicki’s yesterday to cut up her watermelon for her. She is still bandaged from her hand injury and you need both hands to butcher a watermelon. She was transplanting and gave me some cactus babies, agave type, and some ice plant. Now I need to find a pot to put on my sliding door step for a small garden. It looks naked without Kali Cat’s outdoor room. I have a fair amount of planting to do, the babies from Vicki and the cactus paddles that Glenn got for me the other day. The Naked Ladies lily bulbs that Leslie gave me were too far gone. They aren’t doing anything. I will have to toss them. 

I’m having a hard time with my eyes this week. Not sure if it is all the crying or the lack of humidity. Probably a combination of both. Picked up some artificial tears (like I really need more tears) and it seems to be helping. My sinuses are also unhappy with the lack of humidity. I set up the $3 humidifier I got at Sal’s last night, but it doesn’t work. It ran most of the night and the water level never changed. I had it on high and it should have been empty by now. I guess I will have to buy a new one. Might get a floor  model, I can put it where KC’s food dishes were. Close to the kitchen and easy to fill. Maybe a portable swamp cooler. That might help with the cooling bill this summer…

I am making progress. I can actually walk into the house about half the time now without physically looking for Kali Cat. And no tears unless I deliberately think about her and the fact that she is missing. Talking about her still sets me off though. It will take a while. 

I missed the cooler temp walking window yesterday, going to try and get an earlier start this morning. Do a little planting and then maybe the scooter ride I didn’t get yesterday. Other than that, not a lot on the agenda. We supposedly have cooler temps coming in for a couple of days, and I really like the days in the 70’s and lower 80’s. Once it hits the 90’s, not so much. I do love all the sunshine tho.

I did yesterday's post on my iPhone and couldn't find a way to insert the photos from the other day or even the link. So here they are for you.

Well, time to fill the feeders then get myself moving. 

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