Monday, November 23, 2015

The fence is done (for now)

I was wrong. He did work on the fence this week, and yesterday we finished it up. The section I didn’t have the tension clips for, we wired in temporarily. I will install the clips when I get them. I also got the reed fencing back up and the rocks all back into position, and it looks oh so much better. The only other big thing I did yesterday was deal with the garbage and cardboard, which wasn’t as bad as it looked. The cart full of leftover sand got dumped and spread under the chiminea. It was the least labor intensive place to put it. And the cart is back in it’s corner.


The gates were right in front of where the car is parked, a useful place, right?

I discovered yesterday that I have to replace my tires on the car. I had planned on doing that anyway, but now there is some urgency to it. The sidewalls are breaking down and rippling. It looks like I can get new tires at Walmart, and there is a chevy dealer on the way to the local Walmart in Parker. It will be a nervous drive tho, it is about 70 miles at 70mph speed limit. I think I will head that way next Monday. That way I can get a lot of my junk cleared out of the car just in case I decide to upgrade, and if I don’t, it needs some attention anyway. I have to have this dealt with one way or the other before I travel to Phoenix at Christmas. I need to get the oil changed at the same time.

Today I am going to Monday morning coffee, then do my marketing, food, DG, Sal’s. Then laundry when I get back. I’m hoping to get started on at least one of the xmas tree projects or the snowman assuming I have found something for the head. And I need to make the cranberry relish for Thursday.

I finished the book I was reading and played a little with the kindle. It is taking some adjusting since it is a different operating system than apple. I do have to say I like apple better, but the price difference alone makes it worth learning. 

Did I mention my new project yesterday? A row of bookshelves under the front windows? The problem is, the whole front is curved and angled, and I don’t do well with angles. I may try to do it myself anyway. And then paint them white to blend in with the wall. A pro could do it in an afternoon.

I did list the chairs on craigslist. Lets hope that gets some interest. I would really like to get them out of there. 

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