Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Rough night

Happy Veteran’s Day.
A bit nippy this morning, 42 degrees again. But I am suffering through it. Haven’t turned on the heat yet.  :)

I had a very quiet day yesterday. Just what I needed. I read most of the day. It was cool, I had to put on a sweatshirt and my tall slippers, but managed to stay in my shorts. No long pants for me until I absolutely have to. Although I may have to switch to enclosed shoes when I go back to work tomorrow. I really don’t want to, but it beats freezing all day. 

I never even went past my gate yesterday. It was nice. It has been so crazy lately. 

My new replacement chairs came yesterday. This set is whole. So now I have three good chairs and one that won’t lock into position for the cost of two. Sometimes you do come out ahead, but that doesn’t compensate for the money I am going to loose on the living room chairs. Oh well. 

Today I absolutely have to go buy food. I managed to make it thru yesterday without doing that, but I need food for my lunches for the next three days, and something easy for dinners. I don’t much feel like cooking after 8 hours on my feet talking to the public. Plus I would like to take a quick pass thru Sal’s. That is my only guilt free shopping. And I should run the vacuum over the floors.

Very rough night sleeping last night. It was still windy and the turbine on the shed roof next door squeaks. Grrr!!! Sounds like it is right in my bedroom. Plus the pole for my TV antenna was rattling, so I guess I need to see if I can tighten that up. I ended up spending the whole night in the chair in the living room due to the squeaks and clanks. Thankfully it wasn’t a night before I had to work. Hoping to get both issues solved today. 

Well, I guess that is about it. I don’t know if Chad is going to finish up the wiring today or not. I really don’t need to be here when he does, and there isn't any rush. I don’t have a lot on my agenda, but what I do have I can’t put off any longer. 

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