Monday, November 2, 2015

Discouraged and angry

I am so discouraged. Ody was sold, they were going to come and get her today. BUT….I got a call last night and they had carfaxed her, then blue booked her once they got home and decided it was too much money - after we had already agreed on a price. So, she is sitting in the yard, sans signs and license plates, and I have to put the plates and signs back on her and put her back out where she was. I was so happy to think this ordeal was finally over. And now it isn’t. I lost a whole half day with these people and actually had someone stop to look at her just as I was bringing her in. Damn! The problem is that the frame and engine are a 2002, and the RV part is a 2003. According to them, the 02 books at a lot less money than we had agreed on, which wasn’t my asking price to begin with. I priced her out after we got off the phone, and my blue book wasn’t anywhere near what they had come up with, was quite a bit more. So, we start again. She is still the same rig they really liked no matter what year it is. I am probably going to have to come down on my price. Just like the house, I will get far less than it is worth. I lost 60k on the house, and will probably loose 3 or 4k on Ody just to finally have it done. It is just taking way too long.

I’m angry, frustrated and fed up with the whole thing. I may consign her just to let someone else deal with it. It has been dragging on too long.

I did get my halloween stuff off eBay. Spent some time looking for a thanksgiving wall hanging to put in the entry without any success, and then finally got the spoon bracelets that were way too big cut and repainted and put back together. I made earrings out of the pieces I cut off.

I ordered a new mattress cover for my bed. I have been having trouble getting rid of wrinkles when I make the bed, so I took it apart yesterday to see what was going on. The cover that I have isn’t deep enough for both the mattress and the memory foam and had come off one of the corners. So I found a deep pocket cover fairly inexpensive on Amazon, and got that ordered. That should solve that problem. Not sure why I though that one was going to work when I put it on there originally.

Today is laundry and market day. I need to get Ody back out there as well. Plus I should walk. I did walk yesterday, and it had been about a week since the last time, and I knew that I had been slacking off. I had to really push myself to finish. I’m tempted to blow it off this morning and start back up this weekend since I will have five days in a row off. Or, I could just shorten the walk.

I did get my halloween stuff put away yesterday and put out what little thanksgiving stuff I had. That consists of one metal turkey and rearranging some of the plain fall stuff. I also got the horseshoe tree decorated finally.

Those are just little foam pumpkins and acorns from the dollar store, and the turkey is from Sal’s. I picked that up a couple of months ago. I think it is a candle holder, but I stuck the pine cone there instead. I want to look at Sal’s and see if I can find anything for the entry wall, I struck out yesterday. I just ordered a thanksgiving garden flag online and will use that if I don't find anything else.

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