Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Double rainbow

A fairly quiet day yesterday. I puttered around and did a few things. Mainly I got rid of cardboard and trash, then went to town to pick up a couple of things. Got some felt pads for my coasters and found some little felt dots to put on the feet of the new lamps. Bought a step ladder and then went and got a new TV antenna. I was going to pay my electric bill, but the office was closed by the time I got back there. Hopefully I will catch them today.

I got that dead tree stump that was in the corner by the clothes line moved over to the fountain area. The ground was wet, so it came out fairly easily.

Got the shower head swapped out for the new hand held one, I still need an extension, it is way too high. But it is a definite improvement over the shower head that was there, and it does have a flow restrictor, so my hot water should last a lot longer.

While I was at the hardware store I got the washer I needed for the screen door latch, some lock tight and got that fixed too. Picked up some white hole filler to fill in the holes from all the curtain stuff I pulled down. Still need to do that. Oh, and I changed the handle on the desk drawer. It now matches the rest of the handles with the leaf pull. Of course, I had to drill new holes, and cut the screws, but it is done. Looks much nicer than the stock handle.

Later in the day we had a thunder storm and had a double rainbow.

Got quite cool last night, in the lower 40’s. I am grateful for heat on demand and not having to wait until it was late enough to be able to start the generator. Still grateful for a flushing toilet and hot water on demand.

Hoping to get the new TV antenna up today or tomorrow. I put it together yesterday afternoon, so it is ready to install.

My grapefruit tree looks very happy to have gotten it’s leaves wet. With the new leaves and the dead stuff cut out, it is looking much happier. Still no sign of flower buds tho. The tree across the street started budding over a week ago.

Poor Kali Cat is going to be stuffed in the carrier and hauled off to the vet this morning. I gave her a very light breakfast, she got two of her three meds. I’m hoping by the time we leave that she will have digested most of it. Then I will feed her again when we get back. She is putting on weight again and has had several good days in a row. I might be able to go out and do something soon if she maintains.

I’m pretty much done shopping for the house. Time to take a little break and enjoy what I have done. I didn’t do anything about the recliner, I looked to see if there was another that I would like, but I like the one I picked out, so I am going to just have to wait for it. Maybe it will ship sooner than predicted. I am looking forward to having that. Maybe I will start getting more sleep. I was up at 3 this morning and I did go back to bed and try to sleep some more, but it was a no go. 

Well, I guess that is about it for this morning. Not sure what I am going to do today, will loose quite a bit of time with the vet visit and ensuing cleanup. I guess I will play it by ear. 

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