Sunday, March 15, 2015

Yard sailing is a very popular past time here.

Someone posted about a yard sale on FB yesterday morning, so off I went to find that. Hit another spot or two. I ended up getting some flower prints in a frame, a red and white plate, some chili pepper salt and pepper shakers and a black metal hook. I may use the hook to hang the new light fixture instead of the ceiling hook, we’ll see how it works out when the time comes.

Also got a couple of long sleeve pullover shirts for fifty cents apiece. Then I went to DG, since I was practically there already and picked up a few things I needed. They actually had the cat litter I like, so I bought two boxes of it.  

When I got back, I pulled the covers off the couch and the chair and the pillows and tossed them in and washed them. They were starting to gather fur, lint, etc., so it was time. Got those hung out. Tried to get a nap, I think I managed about a half hour.

I then pulled the new prints out of the frame and spray painted that black, along with my footstool and the brass candle holder I picked up earlier in the week. Things dry pretty fast here, so I put all the covers back on in the living room and got the new prints hung on the wall.

Now I have to find a new spot for the clock, but I think I have that figured out. The rest of the day I read. It was hot. I think we hit about 93. I switched over from iced tea and iced coffee to ice water. I need to start drinking more water again. 

Today there is a party in the park. I’m thinking I might take the scooter out later and go. We’ll see. Or maybe the tracker. I have driven the tracker the last couple of days to get it out there where it can be seen, and because it just sat for several weeks and needed the exercise. I need to plug in the scooter and make sure it is fully charged.

I have baby plants coming up in the two pots I planted the other day. Not sure what is what, but I think it is lettuce and turnip that are up. :) Hoping to get some good production from them.

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