Saturday, March 21, 2015

A fairly quiet Friday

Another beautiful sunny morning here. I don’t think I could ever get tired of that, but we’ll see in a month or so. Kali Cat had an OK day yesterday. Not as much output as I would like and it seems to have reduced some over night, but we will see how today goes. No crying other than her feed me cry.

I got quite a bit done yesterday. Got the chandelier painted. I went with black since all the others I painted were black. I can always add color later. It looks so much better already and I can’t wait for the solar lights to arrive. It should light up the patio nicely. 

I also painted one of the hair clips I have. I have been wanting a black one for a while and since I had the paint out, I got it done. 

I got most of the addresses changed on my accounts, but forgot to ask about closing the mail box itself in VT when I went to the post office yesterday. Should have stuck a post it to my forehead. Oh well, it isn’t going anywhere. I talked with the title company too, I don’t have to do anything about that except wait. It is in process.

So glad I canceled the brand new recliner. KC has taken to using this one as a scratching post. I would rather have her do that to a used chair than a new one.

Saved the post office for later in the day. I had ordered some k-cups and was hoping they would come in, they did. I also went to DG and did a little shopping, and was looking for something to hang the new one dollar bird feeder from. Ended up going to Herb’s Ace Hardware and buying a pole, seed, seed block and bunny food. $72 later I was setup to feed the birds and bunnies. That will teach me to think I am getting a great deal when I find a one dollar bird feeder. But I should be good for a while now. I got the feeders and seed block setup before it got dark and it has already had some business. Too bad the scenery behind the pole is the neighbors 5th wheel, not good for photos. Will have to come up with some sort of fence or blind so I can get some decent pictures.

I decided against doing the tailgater this morning. It is so late in the season I figured it wouldn’t be worth the effort. Next season I will try to hit them all. I still need to buy a table anyway, keeping my eyes open for that. Actually, I want two of the smaller ones instead of the one big one, easier to handle and move around. Plus, I really didn’t want to leave KC alone for that amount of time. Her condition changes so fast, that I really can’t leave her for more than an hour or so at a time.

I need to walk. Doesn’t take much of an excuse to prevent me from doing that. If it gets warm too fast, I tell myself I will walk after the sun goes down, but I never do. Time to start carrying a water bottle when I walk too. I need to find a smaller one tho. Something I can put in a pocket. I have been looking for a while, but just haven’t found one that meets my needs. But I haven’t given up on finding the perfect bottle.

I don’t have anything on the agenda for this weekend. A few chores and that is about it. Not much going on around here now. Maybe I can get some good bunny pictures. 

Blimps aren't something we saw in the northeast, so when one goes over, it gets my attention. This one went over late in the day yesterday.

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