Friday, March 13, 2015

Rolling mill and other stuff

Got a decent start to the day and got the laundry done and hung out fairly early. I took down the light fixture in the dining area and had to patch the hole the toggle hook was in, it had shifted and created a sizable hole. I have to relocate the hook, so it is just as well I had to remove the old one. Although I did have to buy a new hook as the toggle stayed in the ceiling when I removed the hook. It already looks better without that monstrosity hanging there. 

Kali Cat seemed to be OK, so off I went to the stores I hadn’t been to yet. I ended up spending money. I got a rolling mill, a tool I have been wanting for over six months now, at a really good price. Plus I got a set of letter and number punches, a stool for the work shop, and a few little things for xmas gifts. And I found a small electric grill, used of course, for three dollars. I can scratch both the rolling mill and the grill off my wish list. This morning I found a chiminea on eBay that I liked and ordered that, so I can scratch that off too. The list is considerably shorter.

Tried to get a nap in the afternoon, but wasn’t successful. Washed up the grill and readied it for a test run. Cooked my burger on it last night. It is slow, doesn’t have a cover, but cooked the burger nicely. You just can’t be in a hurry. It even has an extra heating element. I might try to raise the heating element to see if it will cook a little hotter closer to the grill. Trial and error. 

Today I want to go sign up for the metal smithing class next week, and I should go to the post office. Then I want to come back and try out my new mill. I am hoping for a nap today. Kali Cat got me up at 2:30 this morning, and just when I was getting ready to go back to sleep, she started in again. Wanted more food. Sigh….I’m tired.

One of my neighbors headed out this morning. Hooked up his truck to the motorhome and off they went. Won’t see them until September or October now. Others will be leaving soon too. I guess this place gets pretty deserted in the summer. 

Well, I guess that is about it. I need to do a real walk today, yesterday didn’t quite cut it with the shopping and all. :) I finally figured out how to get to the Hi Jolly Cemetery and monument from here. I saw it one day when I was still looking for places, and it is a little far to walk, but will be a great scooter ride. Maybe later with my camera. 

Oh, and I got a new addition to my little garden, a wooden snake :) You can see him down in the front, he blends in pretty well, just like in the wild. 

Soon I will head back to the landfill and see what else I can find for free. I guess it should be a regular stop for me. Why pay for something that someone else throws out?

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