Sunday, March 8, 2015

Missed music

Kali Cat had a decent day yesterday, but she pretty much sleeps all the time now. We did get a few minutes lap time last night and about an hour this morning. I did discover, by accident, that the chair does recline more. Not completely, but good enough to nap in. Now I need to fix a pillow for my neck. 

Yesterday I took apart one of the red pillow cases and hauled out the sewing machine and made two pillow covers. The pad on my desk chair now has a red cover and the little pillow has it’s own fitted cover. That new sewing machine is much easier to get out and put away, much, much lighter. Although I need to get some decent thread for it and a new bobbin winder since I sold mine in the yard sale.

The cactus are starting to bloom. Lots and lots of buds out there. It’s going to be impressive when they do. Will have to get out and get some photos.

I got the coffee table leg and top replaced, and puttered around and did a few other things. There was a margarita party at the clubhouse yesterday, a weinie roast and a band. I had planned on going to see the band, but I was too cranky to enjoy it. I lay down to take a nap because I have been sleeping like crap lately, and about 20 minutes into it, I was asleep…my neighbor and his buddy decided it was time to try and fix the TV antenna. I got to listen to his buddy relay to SusAnn just outside my door, and it woke me up and I was cranky after that. Then Chad wanted to do mine, so we did. I'm getting really tired of futzing with this TV thing. But I finally have some channels I can watch including ABC, which is the channel Dancing With the Stars is on. I only watch one or two other shows, one on CBS which I am currently getting and ABC and Fox. I don’t get NBC, but I can live with that since I do now get ABC.

Every night when I get in bed, I think how much I like my new bed. But as comfortable as it is, I can’t seem to manage a full night in it. 

I may have someone coming to look at Ody today. Would be nice to get her sold. I also need to find the registration for the tracker. I seemed to have misplaced it. If I can’t find it, I will have to order a copy. I have no idea how much that will cost. Kool, just went online to check that out, I can actually print out a copy right here at home for a fee. Will see if I can find mine tho. I didn’t see it in the car, so I need to see if it is with the title.

I have decided not to do the jewelry challenge this year. I looked at it, and it asks for some very specific items in a lot of the challenges. I don’t want to spend money on stuff I will never use again. A lot of it is seed bead and weaving which I have no interest in. But I do need to get myself jump started very soon and start making some sale able stuff.

Oh, I also missed the Tommy Dorsey Band at the QIA last night too. I had forgotten about it. It was $20 to get in, but I figured I could listen for free from the parking lot. Sigh…I would have liked that. Oh well. The last craft fair of the season at the Senior Center was yesterday too. Another couple of weeks and the town will pretty much be shut down for the summer.

I asked one of my neighbors while I was out and about about a garden center. They suggested ACE in Blythe, and KMart. I want to get some drought resistant plants for the yard. I also want to go back to the landfill and see what I can rescue for free. That would be a good scooter trip, I wouldn’t even have to go out to the main road. Will just have to make sure it is fully charged.

Guess that is about it for today. My goal for the day is the tracker registration, either find the existing one or print out a new one, and deal with the trash and cardboard. I also want to get OUT for a little while. I have been stuck at home for what feels like forever. I won’t go far, but I just need to do something. 

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