Thursday, March 26, 2015

More things to do

Got myself up and out relatively early yesterday. Got in a 1.6 mile walk. I hadn’t planned on walking that far, but forgot that there is no access between C and B streets at the other end, and ended up walking D street for the second time, then back to B. Oh well. With the number of times I have eaten out this week, I needed it. I also need to get in a good walk this morning, I got my burger and fries at lunch time yesterday. And it was good! 

Georgia was having more work done on her rig, so I went off to do errands. I stopped at the hardware store and got the bolts I need to bolt the mill to the bench and also bought a new vise. Mine is a suction vise and won’t work on this work bench. The new one will get bolted to the bench. Bought the bolts I need for that too. Then went to the post office expecting some packages, but the only thing there was a book on needle basketry that I had ordered in preparation for the class that I will hopefully be taking this summer.

Once I got all that done, I went and hung out with Georgia while they were finishing up the work on her rig. Looked at the beads she was getting rid of, picked out a few. And while we were there, I finally bought the deep cycle marine battery so I can get the solar working in the shed. When they finished with her rig, we parked it and hopped into my car and came back here for a little while, then went back to the Grubstake for lunch. That is where I had my burger and fries. It was much better than the fish I had the night before.

After lunch, Georgia decided to head to her next destination so I dropped her off and went to DG to pick up a few things.  I was going to stop at Salvation Army, but they were closed by the time I went by. Will try again today. I need to find something to use as a bird bath for the bunnies. For now I have a plastic dish with a rock in it, but it is ugly. Need to find something I don’t mind looking at. I probably won’t find a real bird bath, but hopefully something that will hold water for them. I will dig it into the ground for extra wind deflection. 

Today’s projects are many and varied. I don’t know if I will get them all done, but the two big ones I would like to do. The first being the reed fence. That came late yesterday in huge boxes. I wrestled with the cardboard and got that over to the cardboard dumpster. It was windy and I just didn’t feel like chasing it down so I dealt with it right away. The other project is to get the solar working in the shed. The two smaller projects is bolting the mill and the vise to the bench. I got bolts and wing nuts for the mill so I can easily remove it if I need to, and bolts for the vise, that will be a permanent install. I will have to drill for the mill. It isn’t a difficult project, but if it is hot, I might not get to it.

I have to get in a good walk this morning. Hoping to start early. I slept until 4:30 this morning. Yay! And that was after falling asleep in front of the TV for a while too. Yesterday was a long day with no nap, so I needed it.

Kali Cat is OK. No episodes for the last couple of days, but she doesn’t do anything but sleep now. Having problems getting her to eat. I have started mixing some of the less expensive food with the expensive stuff and she seems to be eating that, for now. Still throwing out a lot tho. Good production in the box. But she is loosing weight again. Just a tough position to be in. Keeping her as happy as I can, for as long as I can. But it is very restrictive. I can’t make any plans, go anywhere or do anything. 

Bunny fight under the shed yesterday. They had been chasing each other around the yard, and then there was some banging and clanging in the shed so I went to check it out. Thought maybe one of them got closed inside, but they were under it. They came out like a rocket and one of them had fur in it’s mouth. They are very territorial. 

Supposed to be in the upper 90’s here this weekend. They say it has been unseasonably warm this spring. Hoping it isn’t a sign of things to come for the summer. I will be shut up inside the house if it is. Instead of avoiding the cold, I will be avoiding the heat. At least it isn’t six months long. They say the worst of it is August. Gonna be interesting. :)

Well, if I am going to get my walk in early and get my other projects done, I need to get in the shower and get myself moving. Still trying to start earlier in the day. Doing better with that. I was done walking by 8:30 yesterday. Not sure if I will manage that today, but am going to try. :)

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