Saturday, March 14, 2015

Struck out.

Got a 1 mile walk in yesterday morning, but really should have gotten an earlier start, it was almost too warm. Will have to start carrying water when I walk. I only did the park because of the hour and the warmth. After that, I hopped in the tracker and went off to do errands. Struck out on pretty much everything. The hardware store doesn’t have the screens to fill in the sliding door over the kitty kennel, the rock club has pretty much shut down for the season so no more classes or orientations, nothing at the post office. I did buy a vase at one yard sale I stopped at. And that is about it.

Spent more money online this morning, a box fan for the living room window so I can bring in the fresh air at night, screens for the door, skin lotion, and an additional vornado fan. I don’t think there is going to be any such thing as too many fans this summer even with AC. And my little clip on fans, unless they are right on top of you, are pretty much useless. I should be good after this. I probably could have found one for less at DG, but remembering to look would be an issue.

I spent the afternoon and evening reading. Finished one book and then read another. I also flushed out the controller for the irrigation line for the grapefruit tree as it wasn’t completely shutting off. That fixed that. I think I might have to replace the whole line. I am seeing calcium crust on the rocks in the yard, and they come from the water. Must be a leak somewhere. There is also a soft spot over by the fence and I am wondering if that isn’t leak related too. But I am not going to stress about it. As long as the tree is getting water, all is good.

Since there are no more rock club classes, I am planning on taking a pine needle coiled basket course. I need to learn something new. :) I know the lady that teaches the class, so I will know when she gets it going.

I spent about five minutes with the rolling mill yesterday, long enough to realize it needs to be bolted to the counter. But I haven’t organized enough out there yet to figure out where it will live permanently. So I really need to spend some time out there. But I haven’t felt motivated enough yet. It will come. Sometime.

Had a little excitement about 4:30 this morning. The local PD was here. A neighbor called saying someone had yelled and was wandering around. I never heard or saw anything, but did get to speak to the officers. Saw them drive around the neighborhood a few times after too. I have seen them drive thru several times since I have been here. Nice to know there is a presence. If there was someone around, they could have been anywhere. Sound carries here. There are dogs outside the park that sound like they are next door. 

Today I would like to wash the furniture and pillow covers, spray paint a few things, and definitely get a walk in. Looks like it is going to be another short one due to a late start. At some point I need to make a lanyard for my rock club membership tag as it won’t stay on the little clippy thing. I’d rather have it around my neck than clipped to my clothing anyway. I don’t need it until next Saturday, the last pancake breakfast and tailgater for the season. The new season starts up in November. Will be a long wait.

The cacti are blooming, they are so pretty. And I finally got a decent picture of one of the neighborhood bunnies. I never think to bring my camera out, so getting a decent shot with my phone has been challenging.

The back fence of the MVR (Mountain View Resort)


Wild bunny

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