Monday, March 9, 2015

Quiet day

Very quiet day yesterday. Got in a walk, almost a mile and a half, before it got warm. I actually left the park and walked the big block for a little variety. Spent a little time in the shed organizing and looking for my postal scales, and puttered around off and on. I also took a morning nap. I am so far behind in my sleep and it is catching up to me, I am going to sleep when I feel like I need it. I also read a book and drank lots of iced tea. 

I’m thinking since Kali Cat seems to be maintaining that it is time I started doing stuff again. I haven’t done anything except move and clean in the last few weeks. I’m just starting to walk again too. I would like to take another run at the soapstone carving class this afternoon. I have some errands I need to run this morning and tomorrow it is back to the vet for KC. Always a fun time…not. Thinking about making a trip to Bouse in the next few days too. It was something I had wanted to do before all this house buying and moving started. Supposedly there is a ghost town near there.

It got warm yesterday afternoon and the neighborhood got very quiet. I heard several air conditioners going, but I didn’t use mine. I wasn’t moving around much and didn’t over heat, and inside the ceiling fan is going and there was a slight breeze outside. I think we hit 84 degrees.

I did sort the final bin that I had stuck in the closet. I still need to organize the bedroom storage at some point. No rush tho, it isn’t going anywhere. Plus, I need to get some turn tables for the spice cupboards and I still need some shelving over the washing machine. I will get it all done eventually. But I have to start generating some income before I spend much more money. 

I did find the tracker registration, it was folded up inside the insurance paper. One less expense.

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