Monday, March 16, 2015

Hi Jolly and Celia's Rainbow Garden

Was quite a full day yesterday. Since it was already warm by the time I got myself dressed and out of the house, I took the scooter and rode over to the Hi Jolly monument and cemetery. That got me out for about 45 minutes or so, then came back and plugged the scooter in for it’s first full charge. Will be interesting to see if the performance is any better. At noon I met some friends at the park for the Celia’s Garden Benefit Barbecue. It was by donation, there was music, raffles and food. 

That was kind of fun, and the food was good. It is the first music I have heard or gone to since I have been here, and it is something that happens on a regular basis. Photos here...

Here is a link to the info about the Hi Jolly monument/tomb…  I’m not a history buff, so I only glanced thru it. And my photos are here... 

Was quite warm by the time I got back and it was almost three, so I settled in with an iced tea and read for a while. I am pleased that I finally know where Celia’s Garden is, I had looked online, but there was no address for it. And it wasn’t just me, Lois said the same thing. So I will be going back early some morning so I can walk the whole thing. It is quite large and it was too warm to stay out in the sun yesterday. I did get a few pictures of the garden, the party and the monument. I have managed to get them off the cameras and on to my computer, but haven’t gone thru them yet.

One of the performers yesterday was Paul Winer, otherwise known as the naked bookseller or Sweet Pie. You can read about him here…  I have not been in his bookstore, I just don’t think I could deal with it. :) But we have our very own celebrity. He is also Celia’s dad. The garden is in memoriam.

Kali Cat is having a hard time this morning. I may have to close her in the bathroom for a while. And here I was thinking I might be able to make a trip to Yuma in the next few days. Sigh…I guess not. I’m hoping I won’t have to put her in the bathroom because I really want my shower this morning. So far she has gone to the box every time. She has cried a couple of times, but no howling yet. Poor baby. 

The grapefruit tree is looking pretty good now. It just needed some TLC.

Well, that is about it. Whatever I had on my list of things to do today will have to wait since KC is having a bad day. I need to keep an eye on her. 


  1. Praying for Kali! My Peeps has similar issues.. Has to stay on VERY expensive foods or he's a mess! The howling when you know they are in pain is awful.

  2. Yeah, KC is on the expensive food too, and I end up throwing a lot of it out. :( And the howling IS awful. Thankfully, she hasn't done much of that lately. I'm hoping that she will go on her own, I don't want to have to make that decision. I am doing what I can to keep her comfortable and happy.