Friday, May 30, 2014

Reducing expenses

In my quest to reduce expenses, I have decided to try something new with my cell phone. For many years we have had service with AT&T, contracts, etc. Currently I am paying $99 a month for 300 roll over minutes, 5 gig of data and no text or messaging. Every time I send or receive a text, I pay for it. For the amount of usage, I am way overpaying, and have been since the beginning.

I hardly use my phone, and don't use all that much data because it is just faster and easier to use the wifi at home. But that will soon be going away and is a whole other adventure in itself.

After a fair amount of research and a lot of information and opinion gathering from my online friends, I have decide to try Straight Talk. It is $45 a month prepaid. It includes phone, texting, messaging and data...get this..UNLIMITED. Granted, you get choked after 3 gig of data, but there are no extra fees, and it will still work, even tho slow. Plus, I can keep my current phone and number and basically, just change out the sim and activate it.

Unfortunately I live in the sticks. The closest Wal Mart is almost two hours away. I ordered my sim and three months plan online, and am anxiously awaiting delivery so I can change over and dump the outrageous AT&T bill. I will let you know how that whole experience is.

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