Monday, May 26, 2014

All systems go.

I got a packet via FedEx on Friday. It was from the buyer's title company and was a list of demands for closing. It was all legalese to me, so I took it over to my lawyer, we met, and he is going to handle the details for me. Dan was going to do the closing anyway, so he might as well do the hoop jumping as well. But I am hoping this means there will be a closing date in my near future.

Saturday was chore day. Did fun things like laundry and garbage and the litter box. The weather was nice, so I also got to grill a steak and some sweet potatoes. The steak was nice and tender for a change. I normally can't cook a decent steak. I usually over cook them.

I went to the local campground for information on Saturday and got the name and number of the guy that winterizes the campers that stay at the campground full time. It was actually someone I know, so I called him and he came yesterday morning and walked me thru the unwinterizing process, the water system, etc. I learned a lot and feel a lot more comfortable knowing that much more than I did when I started. Everything seems to be up and running and she is ready to try out. Am thinking of taking her someplace close by for a couple of days as a trial run. I won't be able to take my car because I don't have it setup to tow yet, but if I plan it right, I shouldn't need it. That would be the fastest and easiest way to learn, figure out what I need and don't have, what I have and don't need, etc. Doesn't even have to be a weekend.

Since I had to move Ody so we could de winterize her, I took her down to the school and back. Backed her into the driveway for the second time. Everything pretty much stayed where it was supposed to. The only thing rattling and fell over was the flatware caddy. So I rigged up a mini bungee for it when I got back. It should stop the rattling and it will stay where it is supposed to. There is a cup hook on one side to easily remove and replace the bungee for use and travel. I also trimmed some cedar branches before I moved her back into her parking spot. No more branches hitting the roof or tail end. Gives me more room to work all sides without having to move her.

I did have one Ody fatality yesterday. The vent fan in the bathroom. I was testing it out, seeing how it works and the fan blades blew up. I can replace the blades, or I can replace the whole fan. Not sure what I am going to do yet. There is something called a Fantastic Fan that is supposed to be miles better than the stock fan, but it is pretty pricey and would require going up on the roof and dealing with vent covers, etc. I may try to disassemble it today to see how difficult it really would be. Then decide.

Kali Cat came out to visit at one point. I managed a little video.

Last night, while watching TV, Kali Cat also caught herself a mouse. She had been stalking this little guy for weeks. It gave her a run for her money, had her breathing heavily a couple of times, and eventually got away from her in my desk area. So now I have a mouse in my living room somewhere. I got pictures. He was a cute little bugger.

She is wandering around with the little bugger in her mouth, breathing heavily, thinking things through.

You can actually see his little tail in this pic.

Here he is! Slightly confused. I'm sure I didn't help any with the flashing of the camera in a dark under desk.

Just before he escaped.

she has been stalking again this morning, so I am assuming that means she hasn't found it and it is still roaming free. But it was a little bit of excitement in an otherwise dull evening. For both of us. :)

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