Saturday, May 31, 2014

Busy morning

Yesterday was a very busy morning. The day started out sunny, but clouded over fairly early. I started my day with month end data entry and paying bills. Was an expensive month, but I got all my plastic bins and a bunch of other stuff for Ody during the month.

Anyway, after I got the computer work done, I got showered and dressed and trimmed and filed my nails while waiting to go to the post office. When the time came, I did my walk along the shore. The only wildlife I saw were these geese.

My fan blade and motor were at the post office, so I grabbed those and stopped at Kingdom Market on my way back to buy a watermelon. Can you imagine..$9 for a whole watermelon, and it wasn't even that big.

I got the fan motor and blade replaced with a minimum of fuss. I did not replace the wiring harness, it didn't need it. But I did have to drill new holes to mount the new motor. I made a bunch of trips back and forth getting tools, etc. Cleaned the screen, tested and reassembled it. 

While I was in screen mode, I cleaned the Fantastic Vent Fan screen as well. I will be ordering the pop out screen as this one has eight screws that need to be removed in order to clean the screen. A little overkill? Only four screws went back in until I can get the new screen.

Since things seemed to be going so well, I moved on to the latch for the screen door. Several more trips back and forth to the house a trip to the hardware store, I had to make do with the drill bits that I had. I wasn't about to pay $17 for a bit that I would only use once. Success. I don't think it is the best solution, but it works. The latch handle itself needs a little modification to make things work a little smoother, but I don't want it to be a duct tape fix, so am pondering it for now. 

I had one more mod to install before I wrapped it up for the day. I have had the screen door bar for about a week, and it was only natural that I would install that too. So I did. Now there is something to grab on to when I want to close both doors, something to push when I want to open them from the inside. 

It's the little things that count. As for the watermelon, very disappointing. Absolutely no flavor. 


  1. Impressive! You are very handy. Incidentally, I had a neighbor who would think nothing of buying that drill bit and then returning it after using. She did it all the time.
    Sorry about the watermelon!

  2. Here in Philadelphia, they sell watermelons from the back of a truck pulled over on the side of the road. Today I saw the first truck of the season. I think it's very early. Man said the watermelons came up from Georgia. I asked him to pick one out for me. He picked the smallest one. Hopefully it's the sweetest. And the price was $9.

  3. I looked at the packaging on the drill bit, but it was shrink wrapped. I briefly considered doing just that. But because of the packaging, I didn't.
    I do hope your watermelon is better than mine. I ended up putting some stevia on mine, there was just no sweet at all.

  4. My watermelon was good! Not the most delicious ever, but definitely a nice treat.