Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Productive day and internet day!

I had the most productive Monday that I have had in a long time yesterday. I did get some more sleep and ended up finally getting out of the house around 11. Went to the post office and picked up my light fixtures and then went to Sal’s. I found a light fixture for $2 that I needed parts from, a clear glass pumpkin, a covered dish, several pair of pants and a couple of tops. I spent $8.75. I washed all the clothes and got them hung up indoors, then I proceeded to replace the light fixtures. The second one wasn’t as easy as the first, I had to cut and grind the screws that held the fixture on because they were too long. I have no idea what the difference was between the first one and the second one, but they are done for now. I need to get some caulking and seal up the gap, but other than that they are done and as far as I am concerned, they look much better.

I went from this….

to this….

No more plastic. The plastic was so old it had discolored and was dry and brittle. After I finished that up, I took all the parts and pieces and put this together for outside the patio. It is quite bright and am going to try a lower wattage bulb in it when I can get to the store to get an LED bulb. Hoping we have them at work. 

This whole light cost less than $10 to put together and other than the fixture I got at Sal’s was stuff I had on hand. 

As you can see, it lights up the whole yard.


My final project for the day was installing the lever on the outside door knob. The silicone cover I had put on it helped a lot with my elbow, but it didn’t stand up to the heat and split in several places. This should last longer.

It is pretty ugly tho. And I didn’t paint it. But it works great.

I spent most of the day outside after I got back. Got a soak in the tub - the water had warmed up to 80 degrees. Still clear too. Added some more bromine tablets to keep it that way. So far this is the best it has done since I set it up in the early summer. Looks like bromine is the way to go and it doesn’t dry my skin like the chlorine did. Soon I will turn that area into an outdoor living room. I did order the rod ends so I can replace the saggy cable the curtain hangs on with a galvanized pipe. That will also make it easier to open and close the curtain and eliminate most of the sag.

Today is internet installation day! Yay! I will finally be able to update my computers, put my phone back on wifi and so much more. I am hoping the service will be better than expected, I have heard both good and bad about it. More bad than good, but not a whole lot about it lately so I am hoping in this case no news is good news. I hear they did upgrade some of their equipment, so maybe that helped. The tech is supposed to be here between 8 and noon. I have plenty to do while I am waiting. I need to clean house and actually dust this time, get the TiVo set up and ready, clean the bathroom (ugh), and get my melons peeled and cut. This afternoon I hope to get the TiVo up and running and figure out how to use it. I did not miss the season premier of Gray’s Anatomy, it is actually this week so hopefully I will have the TiVo figured out by then because I work Thursday nights. 

The Gilmore Girls revival will be airing on Netflix Thanksgiving weekend. I will get a trail month of Netflix so I can TiVo it. Supposedly you can burn it to DVD. I am hoping that is true as that is what I want to do and add it to my DVD collection. I am so looking forward to that. It is a year in the life and is four 90 minute episodes. I haven’t been able to find any word on it being released on DVD.

I’m going to see if my Heartland DVD’s will play in Jake’s big laptop, they won't play in my region free DVD player. If so, I should be able to connect it to the TV, bought the adapter last year but haven’t used it. It is possible the one I tried to play is defective, I should try another. I picked up an HDMI splitter cable at Sal’s yesterday. I didn’t really need it, but it is the first one I have seen and I got it for fifty cents. Those run anywhere from $12 and up, so it was a good find. I will be able to keep my apple TV hooked up and connect the laptop without having to disconnect something else. 

It has been raining off and on all night and is supposed to through tomorrow. Then high winds. Monsoon season ends at the end of the month. Should be much cooler very soon. It has already started to cool off. We hit 100 degrees yesterday, but it was cloudy and overcast all day. It is a nice, soft rain not the heavy downpours we usually get. Should make a lot of plants and critters very happy and it smells good! We don’t often see rain like this. Maybe one or two days mid winter, but that is about it. We can thank the hurricane off Baja for this. 

Well, it is time I try to get another hour or so of sleep. I will have to get dressed first as the TDS tech is supposed to be here between 8 and noon. If I am not dressed, he will be here at 8. I need to be ready.  I went to bed about 10:30 last night and have been up since 2:30. I even took the melatonin. I had high hopes for that, but it just doesn’t seem to work for me. I had to give it another try.

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