Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sadly the baby doves didn't make it. They hatched, but I found them dead the other morning. I guess that happens a lot here.

Work is work. Our assistant manager finally quit and a coworker has taken her place. I was asked if I wanted the job and after one too many run ins with idiot/nasty customers I decided I didn't want the responsibility. Besides, I would hate to get all trained and then leave if I got another job. I'll just bide my time and do the best I can.

I finally tried out my leaf mulcher yesterday. I filled a large pot with chopped up leaves and watered it down. I am hoping it will break down and turn into nice organic compost for the grapefruit tree. I don't want to use it in the garden as I have no idea what kind of weeds it will produce. Under the tree the bunnies will keep any weeds down.

The garden is still doing well and I finally have tomatoes growing. I have been opening the door during the day, but it is still too cool at night to remove any of the plastic. The fan is on a timer and runs on solar. That will keep the air moving around in there for now. Soon I will have to cover the top with shade cloth and get the misters set up. Going to have to change the watering schedule soon too, it is starting to dry out during the day now.

The cacti are all getting ready to bloom

Cape Honeysuckle. Has been blooming for a while and is finally growing.

The Natal Plum is also growing, but very, very slowly

The grapefruit tree is blooming and it smells amazing. If the number of blossoms indicate the amount of fruit, it should be a very good harvest in January

Sunflowers, pansies, geraniums, all just about ready to pot up

I have at least three baby zucchini - finally!

And a bunch of little green tomatoes.

Cukes are up!

I have two hanging pots of mixed nasturtiums. 

I need to start my monthly spraying for ants. Saw my first one yesterday. I also saw my first lizard of the season. Love my little lizards. 

I'm getting bored with the yard. I need to spice it up somehow and am considering paving options. I had thought I would just bring in more rock, but that is boring. Plus it is an expense I really can't afford on my income. Will have to look at my options and get some ideas online. I need to do this as inexpensively as possible. Maybe desert rocks. Not sure I am into doing a pattern tho. Gonna think on it some more. 

Starting to think about my vacation that I am eligible for in June. Assuming I am still there. If it isn't too hot, I think I will do some camping. I need to get the trailer out on it's maiden voyage anyway. Trial run, test camp. I ordered a pop up tent to go with it and I got a 12v cooler at the yard sale last week. I just need to finish it up, which is mostly decorating and organizing, but I can also do that while camping in it. Most of it anyway. I still need to put the insulation on the ceiling, put the roof vent cover on, bed skirt and curtains and replace the screens in the windows. Nothing earth shattering or anything that will keep me from using it. I need a heat proof adhesive for the insulated layer for the ceiling. Am going to try E6000 since it is easy for me to get. I have the screening for the windows and I even have the screening for the back door. I did not get the back wall with the pocket door built since Mark seems to have disappeared. 

On a more personal note, I am missing Jake a lot right now. More than usual. I am also envious of all the couples that are still together and those that had more than ten years. I'm sure a lot of this has to do with the fact that I don't have much of a life now that I am working all these hours and it has so much control over everything I do. And I have so little time to do anything fun, so I spend most of my off time at home and it gets lonely.

I am also struggling with compulsive eating when I get home from work at night. It doesn't seem to be a problem during the day, just at night. I don't seem to have any will power at midnight when I get home from work. I eat whatever I can get my hands on even after I am no longer hungry. I need to work on that.

Here are a few pics from this morning. The first Argentine Giant cactus in bloom across the street and a pic of their grapefruit tree. This is what mine should look like. Not complaining, mine is getting better each season.

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