Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Catching up

Not a whole lot to write about. Work is absolutely crazy now that it is January in Quartzsite. The Big Tent opened on Saturday, and the Pow Wow started the Sunday before. Not enough time in a shift to get done what needs to be done, shelves are empty even tho all the rolltainers that were delivered on Tuesday have been stocked. 13 and 14K days. Not enough cashiers on at night making that shift more difficult, especially since that is the shift that has to fill the coolers, bread and clean up at night. My shift. Of course. I have been working two day shifts during the week, and those are crazy too. I will be glad when January is done. It should level out a bit once the big events are done. We will still have a lot of people, but the ones that come for the shows will leave.

The weather has been miserable. Cold, windy and rainy. Very little sun. People are complaining about it. This time last year I was in shorts, not this year! It will be a few weeks before I break them out still. We haven't had many nights below freezing tho, and should be past that point.

The new cover on the garden is holding up. Having an issue with humidity, but it is too cold to open it up and let it air out. I may have to put a fan in there.

I have buds on one of the lupines.

The desert willow is still alive and growing - very slowly. I'm hoping this one will survive.

Here are a few more garden pics. Carrots, walking onion, greens, lettuce, etc.

Tomatoes are looking good, nice and green, the big one is blossoming, but nothing is getting pollinated. 

The zucchini is also blooming, but again, no pollination and it is too humid and the leaves are mildewing. I may have to put a fan in there. That might help with the pollination too. 

My geraniums need to be separated and potted, but I haven't managed to get out there to do that. Plus, I'm not sure where I am going to put all the individual pots. I need to put in another shelf and will have to lower this one to make room for another one. 

I have the pots and the soil, just lacking the time. 

Living in a 55+ park, this is something we all hate to see...

They were here twice within an hour for my next door neighbor. The second time they transported him. He was transported last week some time too, not sure what his illness is, possible heart attack. We had several people in the hospital this last weekend for various illness.

I went to the little gun show here in Q at the Senior Center yesterday with Keith. My first gun show. I am looking for a small pocket sized revolver or automatic that will fit in my pocket. I saw one, a .38, that caught my eye, but really isn't what I am looking for. I am also in a spending moritorium right now. The end of the year wiped out my accounts, and I need to build them back up. I did start the new year debt free, and am going to try to stay that way. I already have too much stuff and don't need any more. Just need to keep reminding myself of that. 

I also need to find a way to make additional income. Something that I like to do. Or find a better paying job that doesn't stress me out like this one does. Full time, year round jobs are few and far between here in Quartzsite.

I was sick all day yesterday and was feeling better this morning. Until I got called in to work. I get a nervous stomach every time I have to go to work. I usually work myself out of it within an hour or so after starting, but dealing with this five days a week isn't good for me. I don't remember ever having this problem with any other job. Every single work day. You would think after ten months that I would be over it, but I'm not. It is a very stressful job. 

My golf cart isn't working. Went to take it to the spud feed last week and it wouldn't start. It is acting like it is out of gas, but the gauge says it is half full. It turns over, but won't fire. I haven't had the time (or the weather) to deal with it. Thinking about selling it and trying to find a side by side I can afford. Wishful thinking...But I would like something I can take out on the road and the desert that goes faster than 11mph. Gotta save my pennies. And have to get the golf cart running again first.

So, I'm curious...How many people are still reading my blog even tho I am no longer traveling. My life is pretty boring and I don't get many responses. Is it worth continuing? Let me know.


  1. I do. I have enjoyed reading about your life in Q too. Especially your Midas touch with decorating and gardening. You are a multi talented woman.

    1. Thanks! Happy to know there are still some readers out there. :)

  2. I read your blog....check all the time for new entries. Love your gardening ideas?

    1. Thank you. I just need to find some time to spend out there now. Too cold out to open it up first thing in the morning, but am hoping that will change soon.

  3. you will have to pollinate the tomato if it doesnt have access to bees

    1. Yup. Supposed to hit 70 today and am planning on opening the garden up to air out. Maybe put a fan in to move some air around too. The bees should find the blossoms.