Sunday, January 8, 2017

Not much going on

It has been cold and rainy here in the Sonoran Desert this winter. Cloudy, breezy and nippy for a couple of weeks now. Another week or two and it will start to warm up thankfully. Those of us that live here year round find the day time highs in the 50's quite chilly. Brrr!

Lets see...I worked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, and then a day shift yesterday. Today I will wrap up my work week with another night shift. I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep from the night before. Fell asleep in my chair after dinner last night of course, and then was up in the wee hours for several hours.

My pink and white amaryllis has finally decided to bloom. Looks like it will have three total. No where near as prolific as the red one was, but it was also a smaller bulb. Took almost two extra weeks to bloom. The paper whites did pretty much nothing. They all grew some leaves - sort of - and only one put up a bud which promptly turned to seed instead of blooming.  It was very disappointing. They will go out in the garden on the shelf when I get the new tarp on the roof.

The garden is doing ok in spite of the heat loss where there is a big gap in the top. The vinyl shower curtains weren't my best idea, and the first tarp wasn't wide enough to cover the whole thing. That all has to come of so I can put the new one up. The new one will wrap down three sides and will be fastened on the fourth side to hold it in place. That should help with the heat loss and keep any major rainwater out. That was a big issue with a pieced together roof. Next year I will think about putting a clear solid roof on with a bit of a tilt to make the water run off instead of puddling between the rafters.

The peas I planted are starting to show, the bok choy has sprouted and everything else is still alive, some of it growing, some of it just waiting for it to warm up some. The zucchini has another blossom, but I don't think it is getting pollinated properly for it to produce. The celery butts are growing and so is the onion end I stuck in the garden. 

bok choy


celery butts

I had picked up some curtains at work that were clearance half price. I really liked the leaf pattern. I had originally put them up on the front windows, one on either side, but they looked silly with the solid red insulated curtain on the west side. I have to keep that window covered due to the sun in the summer and the cold in the winter. So this morning I decided to see what they look like layered. I wanted to lighten up the living room a bit and I think layering them did just that. 

Doesn't look that bad. Definitely brighter.

Needed a spot to hang the Maine calendar that Susan sent. The images are all wood cuttings by a Maine artist.

I do have a job/wage rant…AZ minimum wage went up to $10 per hour January 1st, what I was earning. Our cashiers went from $8.25 to $10. That is $1.75 increase. Mine went from $10 to $10.50. I now earn only fifty cents more than the cashiers that have no responsibilities. That is just wrong and has pissed me off. I do way too much to be treated like that. It isn’t right. I don’t know what the assistant manager earns, but I’m sure it is a lot more than me and we do the same job. Plus, they have reduced my hours…..Just one more thing to hate about the job. 
End of rant.

Well, just about time to get a nap before I have to get ready for work. There isn't much else to write about. Unfortunately I have to work to pay the bills, so there isn't much of anything other than work to write about. Nothing fun, nothing exciting. Just the same old rut. Sigh...

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