Sunday, January 29, 2017

The start of something new?

I have been sitting here this morning thinking about what I would like to do with my life. I would love to have another shop. Here in Q. But this one would be an internet cafe/consignment type of deal. It would have coffee and pre made pastries or something (packaged to avoid food handling issues), and the usual crafts by local artisans. It would have to be quite large to fit in tables and chairs plus the store side. I would call it the Cyber Coyote or the Internet Saloon with a southwestern theme. Being a seasonal town tho, don’t know if it would be profitable enough to keep me going year round. Thus the coffee shop/consignment side of it. I would need to have something to bring people in throughout the year.

I was happiest when I was my own boss. Would love to be in that place again. But I don’t have the funds for this, or Jake for the technical side of things. I would need to find an investor or investors, plus legal aid and technical help. And a bookkeeper as I am not proficient enough to do all the book work. Basically, I would need a team plus a lot of money to get setup and going. I don’t know if I am that ambitious. It would take a lot of research and reaching out to investors and I can’t guarantee it would be successful. But it was fun thinking about it.