Monday, April 24, 2017

The latest tales and woes

Just got back from the foot doctor. No fractures, no sprains... I do have bone spurs, but not on the foot that is giving me trouble. Go figure. My plantar fascia are thickening causing some discomfort, add arthritis to that and bursitis, and you have foot pain. Lots of foot pain. The bursitis was caused by being on my feet at work. So the outlook isn't all bad. I got a prescription for a topical anti inflammatory and will start with that tonight. No more pills of any kind for a while. My BP was 138 over 88, pre hypertensive. I believe that is due to all the pills and meds I have taken so far this year. It has been one ailment after another since the beginning of the year. Lots of pain killers, lots of allergy meds, all mess with your body. I also need to loose the pound I gained in the last two weeks since I was there last.

The garden is doing well. I have a whole new batch of seeds that I need to deal with. Strawberries, rhubarb, asparagus, eggplant and more. Warmer weather produce. I'm off to Mexico (San Luis Rio Colorado) with Keith tomorrow, so the seeds will have to wait until Wednesday. I also have some strawberry plants on the way from Maine at some point in the near future. Looking forward to those. I will be putting them in the coir hangers.

I discovered that someone changed the watering schedule on my grapefruit tree in the last couple of weeks from every other day to every five days. WTF!!! If it happens again, I am building a lock box for the water. That way no one can access it but me. That is bull shit.

I did make it to Herbs this morning and got the adapters I needed to put the rest of my plants on auto water. Got those setup and running so everything but the avocado and the big pot on the patio and the aloes are on auto water twice a day five minutes each round. I came home yesterday and my sunflowers were wilted. They were fine before I went to work so I had to get that done ASAP.

I picked a bunch of tomatoes the other day a couple of the larger ones and some cherry tomatoes. I took some to Tom. I had promised him some if they ever produced. They were very good too. :)

It has been warm the last few days. Close to 100 degrees. I did finally break down and turn on my AC last week, but I am still able to open the windows at night and cool the place down. It is back to the 80's for a week or so, then it will really get warm. I will have to get the cool tub set up very soon. I could have used it yesterday.

It is passport renewal time. I need to figure out how to get that done very soon. Looks like it will require a trip to Parker or Blythe. I also have to make a photo for that. I think I still have photo paper. Maybe I can get that done this next week. Not planning on any border crossings after tomorrow.

I am still having health issues besides my foot. This last weekend my left eye got all scratchy and red and has been bothering me. I have been using eye drops and it is improving. I didn't take any allergy meds because of the pain killers I had been taking. I bought an eye wash, but so far haven't had to use it. It seems like I have had one ailment or another since the beginning of the year and I am getting tired of it.

So that is about all I have for today. I'm hoping to have some kool pics from tomorrows adventure. It has been a while since I have done anything fun and I am looking forward to it. I hope I can get a good night's sleep tonight. I will be taking my phone camera and my pocket sized nikon and that is it. It takes excellent pictures and won't draw as much attention as my canon's do. I got lots of comments on the canon when I was in Algodonnes. Don't need the extra attention.

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