Wednesday, April 26, 2017

San Luis Rio Colorado

I have to clean my house today. It is getting cluttered and it is starting to bug me. I have clothes on the bed, a bunch of different foot things (meds, wraps, etc.) on the table beside my chair and a bunch of stuff laying around the kitchen. I don’t like it when it gets like that. It is back to work today, but not until 5PM. I am hoping I will get a nap before having to go in. I also have to clean out the fridge and go to the dumpsters.

Mexico was OK. It is a real mexican town unlike Los Algodones which is geared towards the tourist. Everything was spanish, no bilingual. Although half of the town is on the Arizona side of the border. It was a quick in and out. We went in, walked around the block and then back out. I was underwehlmed with the whole thing. Of course I had to be careful walking with my foot and I am paying the price today. It still hurts from the walking yesterday which isn’t a good thing. I took very few pictures and didn’t even bring the real camera in with me. But this is what I got.

This is the fence along the border on the Arizona side. It goes as far as the eye can see. Miles and miles. 

The town of San Luis Rio Colorado, nothing remarkable. Had to snap the picture quickly because Keith was moving out of the photo.

This one building stood out, so I took a photo.

Unfotunately I had a finger in front of the lens and didn’t get the english version of the sign. This was when we were leaving.

This is the very beginning of Route 95. Starts at the border crossing. We parked in the lot just to the right of the sign.

And that is about it. We went back to Yuma for lunch. We were going to go to Penny’s Diner, one of the old style burger joints, but they had some sort of construction going on with a metal grinder going and we decided not to stay. We went across the street to Cracker Barrel instead. Keith had never eaten at CB. So it was new for one of us. My foot was hurting so I didn’t really look around their awesome gift shop. In fact, the only money I spent yesterday was the five bucks for the tip at lunch. Was a cheap trip for me. This is where we almost ate.

Keith did not get his extension, so he has to fly back to the UK next week. He hasn’t decided how long he will be staying, probably until October. He was very disappointed and discouraged. He really wants to become a US citizen, but needs a sponsor. 
It was actually a nice day for the trip. It wasn’t too hot, in the low 90’s and a bit windy. And I got out of town for the day. We have had better trips tho. But at least I can say that I have been there. It wasn’t a bad trip, just not a touristy/shopping kind of trip.

Guess that is about it. I made it into and out of Mexico once again. Now I have to renew my passport. That will require a trip to Parker or Blythe. Thinking Parker so I can hit Walmart at the same time. See what their garden department has. Might find something good like I did last year. 

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