Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Garden pics and cool tub

Not much new and exciting going on here. It is getting warm, we hit 100 yesterday and I used the cool tub for the first time this season. The water was only 76 degrees, but I managed. I usually don't get in unless it is at least 80 degrees, but I was warm and needed a cool down.

Somehow, when I was filling the tub it shifted and is up against the sunscreen. I will need to adjust it when I drain the tub to clean it. I can't move it while it is full. Hoping it doesn't damage the material. The rail also shifted so it is pretty much useless right now.

The big motor home next door left a week ago. I rearranged the patio so I have my regular spot back and this is my view from my chair. I am getting really tired of the rock in the yard and am contemplating some sort of paving or design. 

The garden is doing OK. I transplanted the lemon cukes from the pot outside the garden directly into the garden yesterday. They are blooming and putting out cukes, but they are dying before they mature. They also look like they are getting too much sun and water, so being in the garden should help. I figured they already looked bad, so transplanting them won't hurt the any more. 

The zucchini has white fly. I was hesitant to do any pest control because of the little spider living there, but he wasn't keeping up. I dusted with diatomaceous earth yesterday. Hopefully I didn't get any on the spider. 

Strawberry sets haven't been shipped yet. I haven't started any new seed either as I think my growing season is just about over. I am getting tomatoes and they are very good this time. I hadn't been able to grow them in pots, not enough water and too much sun. I want to prune them back when they stop producing as they are leggy and falling over. 

Here are this week's garden pics.

Back to work tonight. I don't go in until 4:30. What a waste of a day. Tomorrow I don't go in until 5. My foot is OK. When I am not working it is bearable. Mostly just twinges to remind me that it is an issue. But when I work, it is full blown pain. I haven't taken any oral pain killers in over a week, am managing with the topical and I just started taping my foot too. I have no idea if it is helping, but it isn't hurting it any.

I have been icing the foot on meal breaks with the ice pack in my lunch bag. Adding another coat of topical anti inflammatory, and I changed my shoes the last time and that got me another hour or two of less pain. I guess I will have to do that every day for now. I'm hoping to be able to wear real shoes again some day. 

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