Sunday, May 21, 2017

Nothing much...

Not much has been happening here. More of the same - working, sleeping and waiting to go to work. My foot is improving slowly. Would be much faster if I wasn't on it eight hours per day, which is what caused the problem to begin with, but I will take it. No more pills, has been three or four weeks now, just topical and taping. Back to wearing my Teva's the whole shift, but I keep the cushy Telics in the car just in case.

I'm due for a vacation, but haven't scheduled it because there isn't much to do or anyone to do it with. Kay is going to be having gall bladder surgery, Keith is gone for the season...It will be too hot for camping and I don't have the money for any travel. It will be a quiet week at home. It will still be a break tho. Maybe I can talk myself into doing something creative. I have enough craft supplies to last a very long time.

The garden is winding down. I have three new bales of pro-mix and will have to order three more, but am planning on pulling everything on one side and adding the new soil to bring the level back up to where it should be. The tomato plants are the only things that are still doing well so I will leave those for now. My cukes, once again, were a fail. I really need to just give up on those. Once I get the new soil in I will plant some eggplant and a few other warmer weather crops. Hopefully it won't be too warm for them. I would like to grow year round if I can.

Today is my Friday. Just have to make it through today and I am off for two days. Yay. I live for my days off, not that I do much of anything with them lately.

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