Wednesday, May 24, 2017

More garden work.

Spent some time in the garden after coffee Monday morning. Pulled some stuff and added one bale of pro-mix. Then I moved the perennial stuff over to the newly filled section. I added the second bale to the side where the perennial stuff was and want to plant some new seed. I had to block off the new soil as the back section still has producing tomatoes and some other stuff. It is amazing how much the soil had settled. 

I will have to see what I have for seeds that will stand up to the heat. I know eggplant will be one of them. Rhubarb will be another. The rhubarb should really go on the other side, but I can transplant it later. 

I am going to have to order four more bales of pro-mix. I will do two next month and two the month after and I still have one of the three that I ordered this time. It will take five more bales to bring the soil level up to where it is supposed to be. More than I put in initially. Go figure. Hopefully I won’t have to do that in such large quantities again. Very, very expensive.

I got the filter on the cool tub changed and I removed the electric fixture over the sink and hung the new solar one. I will pack the electric one away for now until I can figure out a way to use it again. It was a gift from Jake that we bought at a yard sale, so it has sentimental value. Plus, it traveled 3000 miles without breaking…

I got rid of the garbage and all the cardboard before coffee on Monday. So that is done. 

Went to Silly Al’s Pizza for dinner Monday with the neighbors. I had the taco salad. That is the cheapest I have ever gotten out of there. With tip and an iced tea the meal cost $9.50 so I didn’t use my $20 gift card. I will save that for a pizza. Their pizza is very expensive. After I left there I went to the Roadrunner to buy lettuce so I could make my BLT with my fresh garden tomatoes. I haven’t bought veggies or been to the RR since last fall. They had some nice looking stuff, so I left there $28 later. I got some very expensive cherries, some very expensive plain yogurt - the less expensive stuff was about to expire, mushrooms, feta and bananas. Should have bought some lime juice while I was there, I like it in my water better than lemon juice, but didn’t think of it. I did pick up a head of garlic that I am going to plant. Some of it has already sprouted. I also have some potatoes that have sprouted and should plant those up too. But I won’t plant those in the garden I will do those in a pot. I will have to get another large pot from work. 

I just messaged Mark to see if he would be interested in building another garden structure for me. This one would be long and low with the 4x4 corners to put chicken wire on it to keep the bunnies out. I would like to have a perennial garden. It would also give me some privacy from the lot next door the next time it is rented. Especially if I can get a vine of some sort to grow on the wire. I would need to have the capability of putting shade cloth over it, so it would have to have the roof supports like the big garden has. If I can get him here to do that, I am going to have him put an addition on the roof of the big garden with a tilt and some clear solid roofing. The vinyl works great except when it rains, then I have the huge puddles in the roof where I have to use a broom to get rid of them. It will wipe out half my savings, but I should be good for a while after that. I would have to move the two bushes I planted last year and the chiminea plus trim the cactus garden, but none of their placements are ideal anyway. As for soil, I will get the less expensive stuff at Herbs. I don’t need the good stuff for non edibles. I already have irrigation there, would just need to extend it a bit above the soil. I think I am going to order a compost tumbler too. I have wanted one for a long time and since I don’t have the room for a bin here a tumbler would do the trick. No sense in wasting all the leaves and used soil. I have been just tossing the stuff under the grapefruit tree, but that doesn’t look very good. The tree doesn’t seem to mind tho and the bunnies eat the green stuff and then fertilize the tree.

This is where I would like the perennial garden, along that fence where I can see it from my chair…

My camera hasn’t been out in a long time, but I just had one of these bathing in the bird bath. :) Very pretty.

I did spend most of the day outside yesterday and it was over 100 degrees. I had one thermometer that said 108 and the other said 111. Between my fan and the cool tub I did OK being outside. I am wondering tho if it would use less electricity to lower the AC temp and not run fans or to keep it where it is and run fans. At least the fans don’t run when I am not here, so that is probably the less expensive way to go. 

I planted several things yesterday. Garlic, asparagus, rhubarb, black eyed peas, swiss chard, and eggplant. Hoping some of it will grow. I expect I will have to relocate some stuff later, but that is OK. The pepper plant that I relocated the other day isn’t happy and I think I am going to loose it. Oh well. The smaller pepper plants look OK in spite of being relocated.

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