Saturday, July 2, 2016

A bit of a ramble

I must be doing something right because my electricity usage is down considerably from last year. I did stop using my ice maker for the summer and I have all the windows covered with clear plastic. I also upped the AC to between 82 and 84 and supplement with fans and the swamp cooler. Last year at this time I had used 1252 kWh, and this year I am down to 786. Yay! Each month is showing considerably less usage from last year since I did the curtains and plastic. The ice maker probably used a lot of that, plus since it was so hot it had a hard time making the ice and it added heat to the inside of the house.  I buy about a bag of ice per week in the summer, sometimes more, but it is cheaper than making my own when it is so hot. I will make it in the winter as I need it, but I don’t use much ice in the winter. No sense having 10 lbs of the stuff in the freezer taking up space.

I’m tired this morning. Closing went OK, but I worked my ass off to get everything done that I was supposed to get done. Between my extended meal break and Kay’s extended meal break I was in a major time crunch. Started everything much later than I was supposed to. The cigarette count was off per usual, but the form is so convoluted it is hard to understand. Should be simple to count and add, but it isn’t. It is like they searched for the most difficult way to chart it. Everything else came out ok except that I entered the deposit into the system twice, oops. Won’t do that again. And it was hot. We still have the humidity from the monsoons, and it makes it very uncomfortable. My clothes were damp and uncomfortable from rushing around and sweating. No rain yesterday tho. 

I did take the old shade sail to the dumpster and did a cruise around the park on the scooter. The tires on the scooter need to be inflated, they were soft, but not bad enough that I had to take the golf cart. I will inflate them on Monday. The park looked good, didn’t see any damage other than water marks. I also got two of the four new solar motion lights installed in the passage way. They worked pretty good when I came home last night! The first one I got I moved to the gate in the back so I could see where I was going there. That one is just up by twist tie so I can remove it when I can’t use their yard to park in when they come back in the fall. I had parked in my own yard the night before, but when I got in the car to go to work after sitting in the sun all day everything was just way too hot to touch, including my glasses. The shade makes a huge difference.

I meant to take a benadryl before I went to bed last night, but by the time I thought of it I was already lying down and didn’t want to move. It would have helped me sleep, plus with the humidity I am having sinus issues. I slept four hours, was up at 3:30 for a little while then got another hour or so in the chair. I will have to try to nap later this morning. Thankfully I only work until 8 tonight, but have a very long shift tomorrow. Every day my start time changes and I am having a hard time remembering what time I am supposed to start. It has been bumped by 15 minutes each day. Today I go in at 1:45. Yesterday was 2, and the day before was 2:15. I find it frustrating that I can’t remember what time I am supposed to be there and have to keep checking.

I have to do a load of work clothes because I am out of shirts and I have sweated so much the jeans need to be washed too. I hate that they are too big now. Even with the belt, I am constantly pulling them up and walking on the hems. But they are a looser weave than the other pants, thus a bit cooler. Although I did wash a pair of the others the last time I washed uniforms and my try wearing them today. We’ll see. I would hate to wear them and have them be miserable, but it is also a shorter work day, so it might be the right day to wear them if I can. OK, laundry is in. Hoping everything dries fast. There is a breeze in spite of the humidity.

The rail for the cool tub came and I got that assembled. The next time I drain the tank, which will probably be this weekend some time, I will put the bottom plate under the tub which will secure it and make it safe. The tank has to be empty before I can move it. 

The store is open normal hours on Monday but thankfully I have Monday and Tuesday off. This may be my last week with two consecutive days off, but I hope not. I don’t care what days they are, just that they are in a row. There is more to life than working. 

Today I have some tomatoes, cukes, a cantaloupe and a watermelon to deal with. I got some tomatoes and a cuke on Thursday from a neighbor, and last night Kay brought me some more plus a cantaloupe. They are from the food bank. I’m going to make an italian salad from the cukes and most of the tomatoes, and I have to cut the cantaloupe and watermelon up and get them in the fridge. They are good snacks. The critters will get the seeds and skins.

Other than that, it is rest and prepare for work later. Soak in the tub intermittently.

I have absolutely no plans for Monday except some well deserved R&R. Tuesday will have to be errand day since everything will be closed on Monday. I’m hoping I will be able to see the fireworks from right here in my yard. I could see them from Keith’s yard last year, so it is promising. There is a picnic in the park and I haven’t ruled that out, but it is doubtful that I will go. There is no one here to play with, and stuff like that isn’t all that fun alone.

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