Monday, July 11, 2016

A very busy week...working

This last week has been nothing but work, sleep and try to sleep. I am really worn out and exhausted by the physical demands of this job. This week I work six days as it is inventory week and everyone is on. I have today off and plan to rest. I'm getting four to five hours of sleep a night, and last Monday I slept most of the afternoon.

A few new things this last week. I ordered and received a new quilt for the bedroom. It cost a little more than I wanted to spend, but I was ready for a change and this one called out to me. I am working, so that helps with the cost a little. With the stripes in the living room on the couch and chair, I decided I had way too many stripes.

My park bench arrived and I got that assembled. Had to scramble to find a replacement for the missing lock nut and washer. I had a wing nut that fit the bolt, so I used that. Other than that it was an easy assemble. I really like the bench. I have it on the front end of the house.

I also got the new towel rack and safety rail for the cool tub. Change the water in the tub and got the rail set. Makes it much easier to get in and out now and less chance of falling.

I had ordered a hose bracket that I got installed too. This reduces the space the hose takes up in the tub and I moved it down the side a little so it isn't right behind my shoulder. Takes up a lot less space. For now it is held in place with duct tape. I am hesitant to put any holes in the tub itself, but I may mount it with screws and a bracket of some sort later.

I hung the second small shade sail on the inside of the cool tub space to block a little bit more of the sun. The water stays cooler and the whole "room" stays a hair cooler. 

I broke down and ordered a recliner online. I know I said I wasn't going to do that, but I really want my outdoor chair back outdoors and with my work schedule, I won't be able to get anywhere to try out some chairs. I haven't been able to find the equivalent of the little recliner I had to leave in VT, so I am taking a chance. This time I am keeping the cardboard box until I am sure I am satisfied with the chair. Just in case. This is a wall saver and is supposed to be a smaller chair. We'll see. 

I wanted something that looked a little less like a recliner, but it seems that you loose comfort when you go for design. So this time I went for comfort. It is black microfiber. Not crazy over the black, but it goes with the rest of the stuff I have and the other option was tan. I hate tan. It will most likely be covered with a sheet or a quilt anyway, so it doesn't really matter all that much.

I lost my large shade sail last week in the monsoon. I ordered a new one (two) the same day, but I haven't received it yet. It really makes a difference on the patio by blocking a lot of the morning sun, yet allowing me to see my yard and all the critters. I ordered a spare this time even tho the old one was about three years old. I used it two summers in VT, and it has been up in the AZ sun since I moved in. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. It still looked good, but ripped to shreds in the monsoon winds. Dry rot. Can't wait to get that back up so I can sit outside a little longer in the morning without getting baked by the sun.

My thoughts on the job. It isn't perfect. Too many crazy, varying hours, too much physical labor for the money I am paid. I am keeping my eyes open for a full time office or library/town job here in Q. For now, it is an income. Plus, I have lost 10 lbs since I started working there. I exceed my daily step quota each and every day. Add to that the full body sweating and weight lifting, and it is a pretty good work out. You don't need a gym when you work at DG. I am thrilled about the weight loss and am encouraging it by eating as little and well as possible. I don't have much time to cook, so I am not eating as much at a sitting. So far only one minor low blood sugar event and that was after a very long 9 plus hour day and only one small meal. The disadvantage is that my jeans that I bought when I started are already way too big and I have to wear a belt. I did get a canvas belt on Ebay that doesn't make me sweat quite as much as the leather one did, and I have started carrying a bandana to wipe my face with. My face is also clearing up and I have hopes that someday in the future I won't have to use cover up on it. 

I'm already tired of the summer heat. Maybe some day I can become a snowbird and go to cooler climes in the summer. Need to find an income source tho. Either a partner that has some money, enough to cover expenses, or a telecommuting job somewhere. I really would like to not work at all, but I do like electricity and food. Plus my online shopping habit has to be paid somehow.

I'm lonely and am not really enjoying my life as it is at the moment. But it is something that has to be done. If I am to meet someone, they will come along when they are supposed to. Or not.

I do have to go to the post office and gas up the car since I used all my gas running the AC during my meal breaks. Too hot not to. I also want to stop at Sal's as I haven't been there for a couple of weeks.

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