Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Starting a new job

Today I start my new job at Dollar General. I was hired as a full time lead sales associate. What that means is that I will be a head cashier. Need the money, the job was available. I have been dealing with the lengthy hiring process for about two weeks now. Even had to do a drug test.

I hope I like the job. It pays a hair better than the hardware store and has bennies. I'm not due to go back to the hardware store until October, so I should know by then if I will stay at DG or not. It isn't anything to write home about, but it is a job and it is close to home. I could walk if I wanted to. But it is another job on my feet, so that probably isn't going to happen. Looking for a bicycle that I could ride to work. Could use the scooter too. Today I will be bringing the car. It is too hot right now to be out in the sun dressed head to toe in black.

I had to go buy some black pants and polo shirts as my uniform. That in itself was a screw up. Went to Walmart first, 70 mile round trip. But I didn't try on the pants before I bought them, had tried a different size and went up a size since the ones I tried on were tight. When I got home, the ones I bought didn't fit either. Sigh...Since I am starting work today and need the pants, I got back in my car and went to Blythe, 44 mile round trip. I hate the trip to Parker and didn't want to do it twice in one day. Got what I needed at Kmart. So the uniform thing took pretty much the whole day and a lotta miles. I would have gone back to Sal's but they closed at 1 and I didn't look at black pants while I was there earlier. I oculd have left it for this morning, but there was a good chance I wouldn't find what I needed. It was stressing me out.

I did pick up a few other things while I was at Walmart in the morning. Grabbed a couple of beach towels for the cool tub, some fruit, batteries, etc. I did not get a bunch of stuff that was on my list as this isn't a full Super Walmart and they don't have a lot of stuff. I will have to go somewhere else or order the rest of my list online.

The problem with the beach towels is that they are almost a perfect match to the blanket I have on the couch. I didn't realize that when I picked them up. They were the least offensive design that was there. Now they are being re designated to my chair. It needed sprucing up.

I picked up some pretty purple satin material at Sal's for the two gray pillows on the couch. You can see it to the right on the couch. Looks really nice in person. And the new towels are on the chair. I will have to haul out the sewing machine soon and do some sewing. I have several things waiting to be stitched.

I looked at bikes again while I was at Walmart. Didn't think to look at KMart while I was there. But didn't find one I wanted. I want either a single or three speed simple bike, and apparently you can't buy those anymore. I found one I liked, but it is yellow. Ugh! I don't want a yellow or pink or purple bike. Red or blue would be good.
This is the one I wanted, but not yellow! Even the tires are yellow!

KMart has it in green, I could live with that but it is $50 more. 

Will have to keep looking I guess.

My cool tub murked up yesterday. Guessing not enough chlorine. I added a half cup of bleach this morning and it is finally reading on the test strips. Hoping it will have cleared up by the time I get home this afternoon as I am sure I will be ready to cool off by then. If not, I will have to change the water. I have my sump pump now so I can empty it out much faster than the first time. Probably less than an hour. It took several hours just draining it with the hose.


  1. It's great you got a job while you're waiting to go back to the hardware store. It's not easy having to make such long trips to stores to buy anything. I rarely try on clothes, I just take my chances and go with it.

    1. I'm probably not going back to the hardware store and will only be at DG until I get something better. Good jobs are few and far between here in Quartzsite, so it could be a lengthy wait. The job at DG is hard and physically demanding, you move from the moment you walk thru the door until you leave for the day. When I'm not behind the register I am stocking shelves from the never ending stock in the back room and containers on the floor. Not quite what I had expected, but have lost about 15 pound since I started work there. It's a paycheck, but it also consumes my life. I am either working, waiting to go to work, or recovering from work.

  2. Those are some pretty slick bikes, although I'm not sure I would spend that kind of money on a fixed speed bike. Good luck with the new job. As long as it's bringing in some bucks and you're getting the things you want with the money, then why not go for it? More money to spend on a potential new bike.

    1. No bike yet. Still haven't decided which one I want or one hasn't jumped out at me.